While Vancouver’s downtown centre is fast becoming the homebase for many global companies, Gastown has emerged as a sought out area for local businesses known for being progressive in their field and shaping the city’s culture. Restaurants, nightclubs, fashion boutiques, art studios, digital and media agencies and more are all vying for the region. July 21st, 2014, Blueprint, the west coast’s largest events and entertainment company, demonstrated their dedicated investment to the city’s cultural hub, moving their team from the downtown centre into Gastown.

Now situated in the historical building at 364 Water Street (above the company-owned Shine Nightclub), Blueprint’s head office team occupies the top floor of the building’s 3,600 square foot office space. Previously split amongst two offices, the team now collaborates under the same roof in the open concept studio, allowing for easy exchange of new ideas and best practices. It’s a timely move as Blueprint’s output shows no signs of slowing down, with more events than ever scheduled and new venues on the way.

According to Alvaro Prol of Blueprint, securing office space in the bustling area is expected to inject new life into the trend-setting events and nightlife experiences the company is known for producing. The merging of the teams will also encourage a solidification of company culture, and increased collaboration, creativity and innovation for the Blueprint brand.

Prol shares, “We waited a long time to finally have our entire team working out of one office, as we were determined to find the perfect space in Gastown. Much of the company’s early history is laced within Gastown, this is an environment that is aligned with the culture and lifestyle of our team, and will serve to inspire us to create and innovate each day. We live and breathe creating cultural experiences, and as we continue to grow as a company, it is just as important that our office reflects who we are and what we do”.

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