Let’s be honest, more days than not we are running out the door ready to tackle Vancity in sweats with no make-up on- but don’t think we don’t care. Did you not clock the Fenty Puma’s on my feet?

Fashion. What is it? Is it the label your wearing? Next Q: what is style? According to Skylar Love, it is an entirely different question that deserves a far bigger answer.


Featuring Skylar Love. Photo by: Lindsay Elliott

“People feel more empowered to define their own identities & live their lives in a way that feels authentic – perhaps this is why we are seeing the androgynous movement rising in mainstream culture & media.” – Skylar Love, Director of BOI Culture

Skylar Love is a friend on the personal, but also as a professional. They started as a queer DJ in San Francisco & is now a community leader through their commitment to raising queer awareness in a little place we call home: Vancouver. Here, you probably question my use of pronouns- or lack thereof. Much to our shame, Sky reminds us on the regular to use correct pronouns when disclosing gender.

FACT: the truth of the matter is, some people just don’t identify with the classic gender binary. The idea of being categorized as either a HE or SHE is sometimes frustrating to those who identify outside the ‘rules’ of gender norms.

In 2014, Skylar Love created BOI Culture: a photo blog supporting the rise of the androgynous movement. Sky was inspired by gender fluidity through fashion. They wanted to communicate to the world that fashion does not necessarily need to define your gender. 18,000 followers later, it appears that there is a growing community that agrees.


“The tomboy movement is a fashion exhibit aimed at breaking down the stereotypes of what it means to look like, & feel like a woman. I watched it become a trend, the best trend I’ve ever seen.”

Featuring Nic Byers. Photo by: Skylar Love

Featuring Nic Byers. Photo by: Skylar Love

Q: Sky, as the director at BOI Culture why do you think it blew up?

“That is a hard question to answer. I’m sure there are a bunch of reasons, but one of the reasons is the just generation, I think. In my millennial generation, ‘masculine women’ were called tomboys as if it were a bad thing. Over the years, women have become more empowered in owning their identities- hence, the popularity of BOI Culture, a photo blog encouraging such empowerment.”


Featuring Tre Danielles. Photo by: Lindsay Elliott

Q: So your mission statement revolves around the empowerment of women?

“Not necessarily just women. If we had a one sentence mission statement I would probably quote Oscar Wilde: ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken.’  We aim to inspire others to be themselves, & to be comfortable in their own skin without fear of what others may think of them.”

 At VANCITY STREET we have similar aspirations. FUN FACT: BOI Culture is the co-founder. 


BOI Culture runway set at VANCITY STREET. Featuring Ponyboy (Paige Frewer). Photo by: John Bello.

Q: Sky, why is BOI Culture interested in the underground fashion world?

” To us underground street fashion is what the mainstream essentially rips off: aka those kids walking around wearing brands likeSUPREME & YEEZY, constantly trolling HYPEBEAST for the next fresh thing to buy. BOI Culture is about the people who have original style of their own made from whatever they find inspiring, like an artist expressing themselves through fashion and taking it to the streets like a language..we promote people who have original style: making something out of whatever they find inspiring. That is why BOI Culture finds a home at VANCITY STREET: a movement giving power back to the local street-style culture.”

Featuring Tre Danielles. Photo by: Zhamak Fullad

The word on VANCITY STREET: be yourself. Whether that be a HE, SHE, THEY or a mainstream HYPEBEAST kid. All the power to you. But to those local fashion-heads still making outfits out of minimal dolla: we’ll see you on the streets & you better be looking fresh, because we always scouting for talent at VANCITY STREET. Join us Thursday May 25th at M.I.A. for the Vancity Street #004. Tickets and full details HERE.

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