Blueprint and Fortune Sound Club Join Forces

Blueprint and Fortune Sound Club Join Forces

Blueprint and Fortune Sound Club Join Forces in Dynamic Partnership

Collaboration to build on Vancouver’s entertainment, cultural scene

It comes with great joy to announce an exciting partnership following a long-lasting friendship between Blueprint and Fortune Sound Club – Vancouver’s paramount nightclub dedicated to fostering the city’s underground culture. The collaboration of these two influential groups is set to make waves on the west coast’s entertainment scene, create new opportunities for lifestyle and entertainment focused projects and push the city of Vancouver’s cultural boundaries.

With over twenty years of history working side by side in the industry, Garret Louie and Rob Rizk of Fortune, and Bill and Chris Kerasiotis and Alvaro Prol of Blueprint have developed close friendships and a shared respect for one another’s tenacity and accomplishments.

Louie and Rizk, known as “Gman & Rizk”, first received their start promoting an ongoing and popular club night at the Kerasiotis’ club, Red Lounge in 1993. The opportunity fueled the influential duo’s continued and extensive experience and passion to fully immerse in the industry and eventually open Fortune Sound Club in 2009. As a result of almost forty years of combined experience, the two groups, Blueprint and Fortune, have built between them a strong brand and loyal following with an unfaltering dedication to the love of music.

Moving forward, the partnership will set the stage to continued success in propelling the groups to create even more memorable and quality driven nightlife experiences for Vancouver, while setting cultural benchmarks on the west coast of Canada.

In addition to boosting the profile of Fortune Sound Club and raising the caliber of events within the city, Blueprint and Fortune have secured space at 147 East Pender in Chinatown, for an upcoming and exciting new joint-venture. Additionally, Louie and Rizk will now be heavily involved in the July revamp of Blueprint’s iconic Gastown nightclub, Shine, set for completion in the fall of 2014.

“I’ve known Rob and Garret for decades – we’ve experienced many good times together, shared life events, have traveled together – and they are dear friends of ours. It’s this deep friendship and respect for one another, in addition to sharing many of the same values for our craft and passion for the finest in nightlife experiences that have driven our unity. We are both committed to creating an overall lifestyle that people want to be a part of. So this is more of a collaboration between like minds, than anything else,” says Alvaro Prol of Blueprint, on the partnership.

“The entire team at Blueprint is looking forward to having the opportunity to now work so closely with Rob and Garret – who live and breathe such passion for the industry and have been an example to all of us for so many years,” adds Prol.

For Louie and Rizk, the partnership with Blueprint offers greater opportunities to leverage and solidify the multifaceted Fortune brand. Through the structure of Blueprint’s integrated team and access to a larger pool of resources, Fortune will see long-term growth and longevity.

Rob Rizk of Fortune shares, “Garret and I both have had incredibly positive experiences working with many of the key team members at Blueprint over the years, so we knew that with their experience and the relationships they’ve built within the musical and cultural communities in Vancouver, that joining with them would be a positive thing for us”.

“Our main goal is to create rad, awesome events, but not lose sight of that sense of community. We are always looking for new ways to collaborate with others, brainstorm and keep the creative juices flowing so that things always stay fresh – so knowing that our level of passion is matched with the team at Blueprint, we couldn’t be more excited to be joining such an imaginative and inspirational group of individuals,“ adds Garret Louie.

Fans and followers of Fortune Sound Club can rest assured the vision, soul and spirit of the venue will remain heavily influenced by Rob and Garret, and in line with the basis on which it has grown to unabashed success – namely an unwavering dedication to providing the best in musical talents, events and experiences; a mission shared by Blueprint.

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