The Story Behind Life In Color

The Story Behind Life In Color

It’s that time of year again—the days are getting shorter, rain sneaks its way into the forecast, and students scurry back to school. Now more than ever it is time to turn to Blueprint to bring the fun, and lay out those memorable moments we begin to lose as summer slips away. Luckily for Vancourites, Saturday September 13th marks the return of Life in Color (LIC) to Vancouver. Over the better part of the last decade LIC has been selling out events across North America…their trade secret…EVERYONE love to go hard in paint.

In an effort to uncover a little of the magic behind LIC’s success we turned to Ian Ruzal-Bron the International Director for LIC’s entire massive operation. Spanning LIC’s entire legacy, plans for expansion, and how this year’s show is going to top last year’s Gareth Emery headlined blowout: Ian was there to guide us every step of the way.



This year Life in Color’s main tour has been dubbed Unleashed: how will this year’s tour one up the madness that was Life in Color Vancouver 2013? What does the term unleash represent to you?

LIC: Having an excellent debut in Vancouver meant that we had a lot to live up to for this years show. This year we have more performers, a bigger production, and our lineup is a little bigger as well. The UNLEASH tour is about self expression, leaving all of your worries behind you, and coming just to have fun and be yourself. I think the best part of our show is that you are coming to a hands on experience where if you are not there to get wild and crazy, then you are missing out on the best part. Unleash to me means just that, you get a few hours to go nuts and not worry about anything else.

Since Life in Color’s humble college beginnings in Florida circa 2006 the brands popularity has been momentous: what is it about paint that has people absolutely lose their minds?

LIC: We put a special ingredient that keeps the people coming back haha. In all serious, I think our fans love the idea of being able to spend a night in a non-judgemental environment. Everyone is dressed in white and covered in paint, and the energy is always through the roof. In my opinion, it’s the best party in the world.

How has the concept behind Life in Color evolved since the early days where it was known as Dayglow?

LIC: In the beginning, Life in Color started out in small clubs with trash bags on the walls and duct tape on the ceilings. As the event grew, so did the rooms, and so did our production, the talent playing the shows, and the experience for the fans. We’re now doing over 90 events in a year in over 35 countries. It’s a little insane.

Speaking of growth, this year you launched a very expansive Life in Color World Tour tackling markets on a global scale like never before. Why now?

LIC: It was the right time. The world has become incredibly interconnected, and dance music can now be found in every corner of the globe. The beauty of dance music is that there is no language barriers, fans are instantly attracted to it. We had been planning our expansion for several years, and this year the puzzle pieces came together to allow us to expand the experience on a very global scale.

Can you tell blueprint readers a little bit about the global philosophy behind this expansion?

LIC: We want to be in as many places as possible. If we can bring a night of madness to fans somewhere, well find a way to make it happen.

This year Vancouver’s edition of Life in Color is featuring the talents of R3hab, The Chainsmokers, & Vinctone: as a company how do you decide which artists should become members of the Life in Color family?

LIC: Life In Color is a high energy event, so we want the DJs playing our shows to match that energy. We love working with a broad spectrum of talent, but we always listen to the fans and who they want to see when it comes to selecting talent for a particular show.

Life in Color is known for including the talent of multiple artistic performers including aerialists and dancers. In your opinion what do these performers add to aesthetic of the events and moving forward how will you continue to strengthen the talent of these acts?

LIC: We are on constant lookout for the next big thing when it comes to our performers, and we always have new performances on every tour. Having performers on stage brings the stage to life, they give the show an identity. And how cool is it to see world class performers in the middle of a dance event? You don’t see that every night.

This December Life in Color is curating its first ever two day festival which is taking place in Miami: is this a sign of things to come and do you have any secrets that you can tease?

LIC: This is actually the third instalment of our festival; the first two were in Washington D.C. last September and in Miami last year. This is the first time we are having two days. I cant really say too much, but were very excited for this year’s festival.

Life in Color is known for their official anthems: what goes into decision making process when choosing the next Life in Color anthem?

LIC: It’s more about choosing the right artists, and then letting them work their magic.

If you were to sell someone on attending Life in Color in three words what would they be?


You heard the man! It’s time to dawn all white everything, an anything is possible attitude, and spend a few hours going hard in paint. There are still tickets left to the September 13th addition of the Unleash tour featuring R3hab, The Chainsmokers, and Victone—grab your tickets now before the show sells out.

– Ryan Hayes

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