Inside The Sound of FLUME (CONTEST)

Inside The Sound of FLUME (CONTEST)

At the golden age of Australian music, no artist has captivated as many listeners as Flume has, carrying a unique sound of natural textures and alternative hip hop beats. His interests peaked at the age of 11 with a ‘Make Your Own’ music CD from a cereal box. Filled with drum packs and synths, Harley Streten became obsessed with manipulating sounds and chopping up beats, a quality that you can still hear in his music today. Using the moniker Flume, a name taken from the Bon Iver song, Streten has said that “my entire musical history has been dance music. It was like 90’s trance or French electro. I’ve basically listened to dance music all my entire life. I think that’s what allows me to make these relaxed tunes that are also club worthy.” Streten has developed an evolving sound saturated in distorted vocals, pulsating synths and quivering tempos – a formula that makes Flume “kind of experimental, weird, melodic and pretty.” While some of his productions waver towards chilled out experimentations, brash sounds and bass drops associated with trap and house music pop up on occasion, showing his other influences and musical interests.

With such a specific direction, Streten then created What So Not, a more hard-hitting project with friend and collaborator Emoh Instead. “Flume is about freedom but the only thing I didn’t want to do with Flume was to make straight-out bangers with drops that have no melody. I saved that for What So Not. With Flume, I was able to write an orchestral score or even do remixes that have no drums. With What So Not, it’s more focused on the club. I love heavy music as well, so it’s my release for that side of things.” Fast forward to 2015, with numerous sold out shows across the world, Flume has become a monolith of alternative electronic music – a factor which took a toll on his other collaborative project, ultimately leaving Emoh Instead to take the reigns of What So Not.

Throughout all the changes, one thing has remained constant with Flume, “a goal to always do something that felt human.” From his ephermal melodies to his fragmented backbeats, Flume has created an expansive amount of music that has taken the world by storm. His highly anticipated new album is in the works with whispered rumours of collaborative artists – Lorde and Sam Smith being some of them. If his deluxe release gives away anything, it’s that he can make any artist come together almost flawlessly.

On May 21st, Flume returns to Vancouver for his fourth time, bringing his smooth sounds to the Malkin Bowl. Selling out in less than twenty minutes, it is obvious that Flume is destined for musical greatness. For those of you that missed out on these tickets, BlueprintLIVE is giving away a PAIR of tickets to the show through their Instagram!

– Vanessa Krystin Wong

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