If you live in Vancouver, chances are you’ve caught some buzz about RUTS: maybe you’ve seen the white-eyed Waka Flocka emblem pasted up somewhere, or caught the somewhat disturbing Instagram memes. Either way, ReUp Trippy Shit always looks like the party of the year…on a weekly basis, this is pretty impressive. DJs, hosts and creators of the night Rico Uno and Genie have made it their mission for anyone and everyone to express their freaky sides at RUTS, so for those who haven’t braved the festivities, here’s a user’s guide to Vancouver’s hottest – and possibly rowdiest – club night.


When: Every Wednesday night till 3. Yup, hump day comes with its rewards, and hundreds of enthused partyers come together mid-week to go hard…and accept the consequences on Thursday.

Where: L.E.D. Bar at Caprice Nightclub. At the heart of the Granville strip, this lush, intricately-lit club provides the perfect atmosphere for RUTS’ intimate vibe.

Who you’ll see: While the official mantra calls for “freaks, stoners and bottle poppers,” the night’s hosts explain it even better: “It’s always a fucking mixed bag,” says Rico, as Genie chimes in, “Anything goes, anybody goes, everybody goes.”

From SFU kids to strippers, to cooks, skaters, artists, musicians and hipsters, everyone comes to RUTS: “Someone brought their mom before,” recalls Rico as he explains that “everyone generally respects everyone else’s space,” no matter what kind of antics occur. Genie agrees: “It’s a weird neutral zone where no one is flexing…everyone’s down to be with everyone.”

This has been a conscious choice on the part of RUTS’ hosts, whose years spent DJing reggae nights, Glory Days, and multiple other club nights have built up a kind of trust among their core crew: even Juice J’s DJ commented that a party like RUTS, with such a mixed crowd, could never happen in America.

What you’ll see: “People dress for the night,” explains Rico. Genie recalls that “it was a conscious idea at the beginning to encourage people to dress their ratchet fantasy on Wednesdays, like Halloween.” In addition to the booty shorts and beanies, you’ll also see a lot of suits: “With all the [VIP] tables, the older people with cash come in and it’s like a movie for them,” Genie explains. The hosts see a lot of people settle in the comfort of their dark corners to watch the festivities, most of whom eventually can’t resist getting their hands dirty, so to speak. Rico and Genie also switch off between hosting and DJing so they can mingle with the crowd, buy people shots and make others feel welcome.

What you’ll hear: Both Rico and Genie are tuned in to the latest sounds: “New music drives the night,” says Rico, “we always want new sounds – there’s so much coming out, especially now, you never get bored.” They find the signature RUTS sounds in Atlanta rap – live mixtapes, radio shows, and live mix shows from the DJs making the tapes. The internet is a source that anyone can access, and Rico and Genie simply let their instincts filter through it all to find what will work for the RUTS crowd.

Both want to move more into original production, and they’re building a platform from which to introduce new music that people would likely not have heard otherwise. “People might think the music here is ironic,” says Rico of the heavy Southern rap , “but there’s actual real enjoyment there.”

How to prepare for a night at RUTS: So now you know what to expect – and you trust that your unique brand of freak is welcome at REUP Trippy Shit – and you’ve decided that next Wednesday is the night. Here are a couple ways to prepare:

  1. Check out Monthly mixes are posted up, so you can start practicing your moves in the mirror and get that booty shake just right.
  2. Scan the Gram. Check Reuptrippyshit on Instagram to prepare for the vibe. This may include strange masks, blanked eyes, floating Waka Flocka heads and inappropriate snapshots. All extremely entertaining.
  3. Pick your outfit. When these guys say anything goes, they mean it. You got a ratchet fantasy? Now’s your chance.
  4. Be yourself. Genie promises that “you can truly just let your hair down. You can do whatever here. We won’t talk about it after.” I’m pretty sure you can take him at his word.

– Amalia Nickel

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