The Cardio Bounce w/ Will Sparks

The Cardio Bounce w/ Will Sparks

This Sunday we are kicking off 2015 with our first massive—the third annual Get Together. With such a star-studded lineup of international DJs we got thinking, just how do these guys manage to keep their heads above water when time means almost nothing to them? Hailing all the way from Australia the award for #G2G2015’s longest travel day goes to Will Sparks. Jumping at the opportunity to sit down with Will we delve into the world of an international DJ to find out just what it takes to stay fit, alert, and on top of your game while travelling the globe.


Blueprint: On February 9th you are touching down in Vancouver for #G2G2015: what can fans expect from your set and how do you prepare for a festival set differently than a more intimate club gig?

Will Sparks: First of all I’m so excited to be in Canada again. I’ve played there a few times now and every time people have been so up for new music and bounce in general. Not much difference in prep…I just have to read it as I go.

Blueprint: In your daily life how important is exercise? And, do you find that exercise contributes to the regulation of both mental clarity and daily stamina?

Will Sparks: THIS IS SO CRUCIAL!! Cannot stress it enough, for anyone no matter what you do. It helps everything (which is basically mental & physical)…if I didn’t exercise, I probably would have lost my mind doing what I do….and just be burnt out physically.


Blueprint: With such a heavy touring schedule continually taking you between Australia and all ends of the globe how do you manage to maintain your desired level of physical fitness?

Will Sparks: It’s all mental. I get in this weird mind set and pretend I’m not even human… sometimes I’ll go to the gym straight after a 14 hour flight from Australia or basically whenever I have a few hours free at any given time. There is no such thing as ‘can’t’ and sleep is over rated.

Blueprint: Strength training or cardio?

Will Sparks: Strength training…cardio I do while DJing!

Blueprint: Do you have a favorite supplement?

Will Sparks: No, not really….it’s all about eating right. I mean, protein is protein…I’ve tried creatine and pre workouts, but everything always varies though.


Blueprint: Both on tour and at home do you have a diet that you follow in order to make sure you always have enough energy to tackle everything that life throws at you? 

Will Sparks: I don’t strictly prep meals, but I am on a strict diet. I eat a SHIT load of lean stuff…I’d say its 70%-80% of your output to look & feel good.

Blueprint: Everybody has a secret sweet indulgence—do you have a favorite dietary vice?

Will Sparks: Savory snacks, fruit or a fresh juice, or a smoothie I guess! I’m not a pro…I’m still trying to find chocolate that isn’t bad for you.


Blueprint: Speaking of culinary experiences, have you had a chance to visit any restaurants in Vancouver—if so do you have a favorite? 

Will Sparks: I don’t think we ate anywhere special last time because we were in and out…but hopefully we get to this time because I’ve heard amazing things!

Blueprint: After a show it must be easy to slip in to the party mindset: do you favor a post-show ritual which ensures you are rested for whatever comes next, or is it time to simply enjoy life?

Will Sparks: Well, when I drink, it’s only Vodka with water, coconut water, or soda…so I’m always hydrated the next day. It’s sometimes really hard to get to sleep after a show because of all the adrenaline. All it takes is to just get used to the life. I don’t binge after a big night out ever though.


Blueprint: From time-to-time everyone parties a bit too hard. From your experience what is the best way to work off those extra calories and survive a hangover?

Will Sparks: Like I said before drink ONLY coconut water with vodka…or right before bed, skull as much water as you can…THEN SKULL DOUBLE THAT! Really, do it until your body is nearly rejecting it. Trust me, in the morning, you’ll be amazed. Always work out first thing… everyone has their days of no such cure though.

Blueprint: Hard-bar or beer?

Will Sparks: Both!

Blueprint: What aspect of #G2G2015 has your most excited about returning to Vancouver and how does a Vancouver crowd differ from others around the world?

Will Sparks: I’m so excited because it’s a festival, so my vibes are going to be through the roof. Vancouverites are definitely not a commercial crowd; they’re down to bounce throughout a whole set… I’m psyched!!!


#G2G2015 is only five days away—but the real question is, could you survive even a week living life at the breakneck speed that is Will Sparks reality? Regardless, Sparks is bringing the bounce to this year’s Get Together and we could not be more ready. Time is running out; grab your #G2G2015 tickets now, the long weekend is calling.

– Ryan Hayes

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