Strathcona Beer Company lays down roots in East Van

Strathcona Beer Company lays down roots in East Van

It’s easy to see that craft beer is quickly becoming a big part of the average Vancouverite’s personal identity. From tasting rooms and growler fills, to seasonal flavours and pairings, the local appetite for new and interesting local brews doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Strathcona Beer Company

That’s exactly what the team behind the Strathcona Beer Company wants to hear anyways; it’s music to their ears. As one of the newest breweries putting down their roots in East Vancouver, their beer production is being helmed by good friends Michael “Fezz” Nazarec and Tim Davis. The former being a prolific home brewer with over 30 years of experience under his belt.

Earlier this week we were able to sit down with Adrian McInnes, the brand manager for Strathcona Beer Company, about the newest place to hang out and grab a beer on the familiar block of Hastings and Campbell.


Why did you decide to choose the neighbourhood of Strathcona to open the brewery over any other?

Strathcona is a neighbourhood that myself and my partners have a strong connection to. Some [people] on our team have lived in the neighbourhood for years. I actually ran a printing company, Proper Design, around the corner from the brewery for 10 years before we opened. So there is a strong affinity to building a cool community spot here. Plus – it’s Vancouver’s oldest residential neighbourhood and has this really unique energy to it.

With so many established craft breweries in the city already, and with many planning to open up in the next year, how does Strathcona plan to differentiate itself?

It’s amazing that all these new breweries are opening up and turns out are all very supportive of each other. And each and every one of them have a different story to tell. Our focus is on classic, international beer flavours; you’ll see a pilsner, Vienna Lager, a British IPA, ISA, Kolsch, Belgian Golden Ale, and a radler on tap in our tasting room right now. We are also influenced by art, music, and skateboarding, which is incorporated into our branding, marketing, and retail gear.

Strathcona Beer Company

You also have a dedicated gallery area set up within the brewery. Do you have any plans for the first show in there?

Yes, our gallery space has an installation by local artist Andrew Dadson up right now. We don’t really have a schedule for what’s going in there yet, but we do [know that we] want to support local artists, brands and friends in the city.

After watching your welcome video on the website, your space obviously champions the Strathcona community with support from local people and spots like Spencer Hamilton and Tight Club. Why is community so important to you and to the space in general?

We are built on community. Strathcona is a special place for us since it’s been our backyard for years. Many of our friends live and work in the neighbourhood and there are amazing businesses that have been serving this community for years.

What else can people look forward to when visiting the brewery?

First and foremost, we consider our tasting room a collaborative, community space where great beer and good friends can come together. Come by and have a brew, a pizza and listen to good music. Our staff will welcome you with open arms! And we’ll be hosting brewery tours soon.

Vanessa Tam

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