Sleepy Tom Talks “The Currency”

Hometown hero & Fool’s Gold Records signee Sleepy Tom (aka Cam Tatham) has had a wildly successful year; Between opening up for Day 2 of Contact Festival 2013 to his recent addition on our Blueprint Dance Arena lineup for Squamish Festival 2014, there’s no sleep in sight for the Vancouver-based producer. We caught up with Cam after the exclusive Rolling Stone release of the locally-filmed music video for “The Currency” (which features a few cameos from our FVDED residents & BP Family members) & everything in between. Read on:

Blueprint: What was your main objective and message behind the concept of your video “The Currency”?

Sleepy Tom: I wanted to have the video match the intensity of the song and then also relate the story to the title in a unique way. Kheaven came up with a story of these investment bankers “getting what was coming to them,” while their party gets out of hand very quickly. I’m really happy with the way the video turned out because it gives a good message without being to preachy.

Blueprint: Do you think that Vancouver matches a similar aesthetic of the greed in wealth and power?

Sleepy Tom: I don’t know if it’s on the same scale as Wall Street, but I guess there are similarities to the housing market? I used to have a landlord who owned like 20 or 30 properties around Vancouver and ran them as cheaply as possible. Renting his spots to students who didn’t have any other options and wouldn’t put up much of a fight over unfair treatment. Greed is inevitable in any industry though.

Blueprint: Speaking of currency… You a fan of Bitcoin?

Sleepy Tom: I asked for Bitcoin for my birthday but all I got was socks. So no, not a fan (laughs).

Blueprint: What has the response been like since the release last week of “The Currency” on Rolling Stone?

Sleepy Tom: The response has been awesome! People have been saying the video fits with the song really well, so that’s relieving. Also a few people have asked, “What movie did you get this footage from?” so props to the film crew for making it look so convincingly out of the 80’s!

Blueprint: Between opening Contact 2013 last year and being added on our Blueprint Arena for Squamish Fest 2014, how has the last year changed for you professionally?

Sleepy Tom: This last year I’ve been able to play some amazing shows like Contact, Fool’s Gold Day Off in LA, and Capitol Hill Block party in Seattle. It’s been a lot of hard work getting to this point, but a ton of fun no doubt. I imagine, this year will be even better.

– Karli Fahlman

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