#SEASONS2015: Armada Night w/ David Gravell

David Gravell makes his highly anticipated return to Vancouver for another earth shattering Armada night with headliner Heatbeat. The 25 year old dutch prodigy has been handpicked and mentored by the man himself: Armin van Buuren. Besides being extremely humble and super appreciative of his fans, David is also insanely talented and poised for so much more in 2015.

If you are wondering what to expect on this night, I would guess that smooth vocals and soulful bridges may take a backseat to massive basslines and drops serious enough to rattle your bones, but hey, it’s Seasons Festival. We sat down with Gravell and discussed music, his creative juices and what to expect during his show at VENUE on April 2nd:


Your “Big Room” sound includes some heavy basslines and some drops of massive proportions. The result is a very powerful and energetic set that brings a lot of excitement to the dancefloor. What does this genre mean to you and why do you enjoy playing it?

Well, about the massive baselines you are 100% right haha! I personally don’t think in genres anymore. I just creating music that I think works best on the dance floor at the moment and I always keep in mind ill be playing in big arenas or festivals with huge sound systems. That way I can focus on the main parts of the track =)

What is it like to have Armin van Buuren as a mentor? What influence does he have on you and what kind of musical guidance does he offer?

Armin for me is a legend and always will be! His guidance is what I am really thankful for because his opinion in music is always really nice! Always when I create music Ill keep in mind what Armin will think about the track. That way you can push boundaries for yourself when finishing the track.

What can fans expect from you at this Armada night in Vancouver? What is it like to be touring with HeatBeat and has their musical success influenced you at all?

Fans can expect a massive David Gravell show with only new music, loads of energy and the moment that I will play air guitar with my fans!

As a writer and a fan, I actually had the chance to meet you at your last Armada night with Ben Gold in Vancouver 2014. I also have seen you perform at an Armada night at Amsterdam Dance Event in 2013. At both events, you seemed to have so much passion behind the decks and were simply just happy to be bringing joy to peoples’ nights. It was also refreshing to see that you really interacted with the crowd during your sets and that after the shows you really had a genuine appreciation for your fans. Can you elaborate on what it has been like for you to rise up the EDM ranks and to develop a loyal fan base of your own?

To be honest with you, Every time I do a show around the world im so looking forward seeing my fans, Oh and of course playing my music haha.. And I am so grateful that I can share my passion and music with all the beautiful people around the world. For my that is the most important thing in music…You can say a thousand things only with a few chords or melodies, that is magic if you ask me =)

What is your process when producing? Do you get up in the morning, sit down and focus on Ableton for hours, or do you have some special rituals to get the creative juices flowing?

First I need a massive idea for a track, that moment can be everywhere but when I have the idea worked out for a new track i start building to get more and more in that creativity zone where all the magic happens =) When I am actually producing everything I don’t think about what other people going to think about that track. Just create, recreate and be unique to get in that magic music zone! Also i need my daily base of coffee haha!

Who would you really like to work with right now? Are there any fellow producers or DJs that you looked up to earlier in your career that you could imagine collaborating with now?

I just finished my first collab ever with Husman, premiered it on A State Of Trance 700 in Utrecht! You can listen to it on my Soundcloud =) But to spice it up a bit I would like to work with Ilan Bluestone and already talked about it a dozen times. But we are both on tour a lot so we didn’t had the change to create some music yet. Also would like to work with Armin van Buuren, Kaskade, Heatbeat & Dyro!

The past 2 years have been big break out years for you. What else do you have planned for 2015?

Yess! Thanks, For the last 2 years I was releasing a lot of tracks between Bigroom and Trance. 2015 is the year of vocal tracks, Collabs and maybe working a il bit on my album. Expect a lot of awesome music in 2015. But to give you a short update, I have already finished enough music for the whole year which I think is important because every show I do at the moment needs to be special! Keep the fans hungry for new music!

– Tyler Bowes

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