RÜFÜS DU SOL Back For More

RÜFÜS DU SOL Back For More

From their sun soaked melodies to their danceable rhythms, RÜFÜS or better known as RÜFÜS DU SOL have toured all across the world as emerging Australian talents within the last year. Named as one of the biggest outbreak bands of the summer, RÜFÜS had a turmoilous start in North America, having to change their name last minute because of conflicting bands with similar names. But that did not stop RÜFÜS from making their mark in the indie electronic circuit.

Previously selling out their debut show at Fortune Sound Club back in March, RÜFÜS has been busy – touring across the globe as well as releasing their first debut album, Atlas. We sat down with them to discuss their humble begins and what they have in store for the future – Including tomorrow night’s gig at Venue.


BP: What are some of your backgrounds musically?

James: I guess we all come from different backgrounds. I started playing jazz drums and came from a more instrumental side of things where as Jon was DJing for a long time and came from a production angle…

Jon: And house music in particular.

(And if you didn’t know, Jon from RÜFÜS also plays under an alter ego called JÜAN DU SOL – focusing more on house and electronic music.)

James: Tyrone was just chilling out.

Tyrone: No, I was playing in different bands like Metal and Rock. More alternative and acoustic sort of stuff.

Jon: I think that’s what really makes the sound, to have the different influences so it’s more than just our backgrounds. That’s what makes a unique sound.

BP: How do you cope with tour life and playing shows night after night?

Jon: Once you get on the stage and the drummer kicks in, you’re just on the biggest high. Regardless of the crowd, it’s still just fun being in front of however many people and playing the songs and getting some sort of reaction from one person. I think that there’s just this natural high that overrides everything that happens. Although you’re battling extreme exhaustion on the road, it’s pretty easy to override it with extreme excitement.

BP: What do you like most about your sound? 

James: We’ve gotten some feedback from whoever’s spoken to us about music, they say ‘it’s something danceable, I love to go out and dancing to it’ or ‘something to chill out to and it’s something more ambient.’ People can pick at different things that they enjoy about it which is cool. It wasn’t something we had in mind consciously but it kind of just happened.

BP: What process do you go through when writing a song?

Tyrone: The vocals are the last things we play around with so we’ve written most of the song usually. In the last stages is when we jam out any vocal ideas we have. And when we’re jamming them out, there’s no care for lyrics in mind, it’s more about melody and the feeling that we’re going by. I think lyrics are the last step that we do. The vocal line is usually in and half the time the lyrics that are improvised, we workshop that into the song because they tend to be the same feeling that you’re singing.

Catch them live at VENUE Tomorrow Night alongside Hermitude. Tickets available at bplive.ca

– Vanessa Wong

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