Tonight, Alberta is set to experience a second helping of #ARRIVAL2014 and after a stellar Day 1 – NERVO is determined to take things up another notch for their Calgary audience tonight. Over the last decade, NERVO’s path has been long and winding, but their determination and resilience set them apart from the rest of the pack and it’s obvious why. From their early modeling careers in Melbourne, Australia to global main stage domination; NERVO never fails to push the boundaries–#ARRIVAL2014 will be no different. Read below;




Regardless of your career trajectory you have both been wildly successful throughout your lives: being accepted to the Opera Australia Academy, modeling, song writing for the biggest pop stars in the world, becoming Cover Girls, and now dominating as headlining DJs. Can you tell Blueprint readers a little bit about your winding path and some of the milestones that stand out along the way? 

NERVO: We always had a passion for music and knew we wanted to somehow end up doing music for a living. We did what most kids who like music do which is drop out of university to follow a dream. We hustled and hustled until we made some leeway and we’re still hustling now. The music business can be brutal and so we feel very lucky to have each other through it all.

Initially you wrote “When Love Takes Over” for Kelly Rowland’s album—for whatever reason the studio shot it down and it ended up on David Guetta’s One Love album. How much of an impact did that track have on your careers and how has your relationship with Guetta continued to evolve in the last five years?

NERVO: “When Love Takes Over” changed our lives. It was the record that made people in the music business listen to our other records. We’re great friends with David. He is like a big brother to us and is incredibly smart and sweet.

Speaking of David Guetta, you have played alongside him both at Pacha and Ushuaia in Ibiza. Why is Ibiza still relevant?

NERVO: I think Ibiza will forever be relevant because it is an island dedicated to music. Ibithan clubs and promoters take their music very seriously so the people who go there are guaranteed a night of great music, good sound quality etc. I think it’s a case of “birds of a feather flock together” type thing that makes it the center of the electronic music scene.

On a more serious note, there are only three female acts in the DJ Mag Top 100: why do you think this is and do you see yourselves as harbingers for change pushing the female frontier within the realm of the worlds most recognized and highest paid DJs?

NERVO: If we can inspire other ladies to take DJing and producing seriously then that is a great achievement for us. There’s no reason why gender should hold girls back. We always looked up to girls like Annie Mac, Miss Kitten, Maya Jane Coles—even Sonique in the late 90’s was a leading lady in the scene.

Who is the most influential female in dance music and why?

NERVO: Maybe Annie Mac as she has a super successful radio show and is responsible for breaking lots of great new artists.

Today you are co-headlining the second day of Blueprint’s #ARRIVAL2014 at the BMO Centre in Calgary. What can fans of NERVO Nation and newcomers alike expect from your set?

NERVO: We LOVE playing in Canada – it’s always such a great vibe. We have lots of new music from our upcoming album that we’ll be playing and brand new visuals/production too. We’re super excited to unleash this all in Calgary.

For those of you who don’t have #ARRIVAL2014 tickets, it’s Sunday what else could you be doing? There’s still time…make tonight one worth remembering, NERVO won’t let you down.

– Ryan Hayes

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