Martin Garrix: The #ARRIVAL2014 Interview

Martin Garrix: The #ARRIVAL2014 Interview

September long weekend has finally arrived — and with summer’s last long weekend blowout comes Blueprint’s grand entrance into the Alberta market. Co-Headlining the opening night of #ARRIVAL2014 at the Shaw Conference Centre young superstar Martin Garrix is ready to set Edmonton on fire. Distancing himself from his global chart topping single Animals, 2014 has seen Garrix release a torrent of hit tracks including Tremor, Gold Skies, Proxy, and Turn up the Speakers, a collaboration with #ARRIVAL2014 co-headliner Afrojack.

Luckily for the Blueprint family, Garrix had just enough time to sit down with us and scratch the surface of just what makes the boy-wonder tick. Garrix excitement was contagious, and with just over twenty four hours until #ARRIVAL2014 takes Alberta by storm it was easy to tell why:


The life of an ultra-famous teenager often makes privacy and youth normalities difficult – can you name three tips that you have enlisted to keep your public and private lives separate?

Martin Garrix: When I’m at home I plan a lot of quality time with my close friends and family. I have an amazing professional team who understands me and helps me making decisions, and I’m very conscious about what I post on my social media accounts.

Following that up, do you have a secret for remaining so grounded?

Martin Garrix: Hmm, nothing specific. But my family and friends definitely make sure I stay firm with both feet on the ground. They are always honest with me about everything!

Out of all of the tracks you’ve ever produced, which one is your favourite and which one is the most underrated?

Martin Garrix: At the moment I’m super excited about my collaboration with Ed Sheeran! Most underrated…hmm, I don’t know to be honest.

You began producing at the age of ten, and within a few years you had a very successful ghost producing career with Spinnin’ Records: what was the impetus behind your decision to leave the lucrative shadows and come to the forefront with your own brand?

Martin Garrix: Simple, I was ready for it. I just took the time I needed to think about my artistic profile, and develop myself as a producer etc. before I stepped out.

After a big gig in Italy you were bitten by a female fan while taking a picture with her—what ran through your mind as she was digging her teeth in to your neck?

Martin Garrix: Haha, wow that was weird!

Recently, while discussing producing with Billboard, you said: “right now I’ve got ‘Martin Garrix’ for house, but I’ve also got some side projects I’m working on which nobody knows about.” How many aliases are you currently releasing music under? Can you give fans a hint as to the types of genres they may hear if they dig deep enough?

Martin Garrix: Haha, no way! If I share then it’s not an alias anymore :)

Tiesto has played a large mentorship role throughout the last few years of your career and in a 2013 interview he cited you as an inspiration. Conversely, what do you find inspirational about Tiesto? What type of guidance do you approach him for, and what is the single best piece of advice he has ever given you?

Martin Garrix: He is a really good person, humble and very supportive. He still is very down to earth, that inspires me. Besides that he turned out to be a very good friend too.

What does a typical night with Martin and his close friends look like?

Martin Garrix: Hanging out at a bar, having a good dinner, going to the cinema, and having fun at a club afterwards.

Finally, what can fans expect from your co-headlining set with Afrojack on August 29th at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton for the first day of Arrival Festival?

Martin Garrix: They can expect some straight up fire and an awesome show! Can’t wait to play that gig! And obviously we’ll play our track Turn up the Speakers!!!!

Luckily there is still time to blow out you long weekend in style, whether you live in Alberta or #ARRIVAL2014 calls for a bit of a road trip — don’t miss your chance to see Martin Garrix headline alongside Afrojack tomorrow night in Edmonton for what is sure to be a legendary night & potentially, the road trip of a lifetime.

– Ryan Hayes

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