When he is not busy drinking tea or playing Nintendo games UK native and Vancouver resident Lazy Rich is a busy guy. Whether it’s managing his label, Big Fish Records, recording music video’s with Trinidad James in LA, or producing hordes of unreleased material in his Vancouver studio, Lazy Rich is ready to take on 2015.

On May 30th Rich is set to making his Vancouver return for a Fuck Cancer event at Celebrities Nightclub. In anticipation of the elctro maestros return we sat down with Rich in search of a little dance music wisdom.


Blueprint: Earlier this year you filmed your first music video down in LA with Trinidad James for Hit That. What was the initial inspiration behind producing the track, and what was it like filming with James down in LA?

Lazy Rich: The track went through a few iterations actually, it started out as a follow up to my track Flash with Hotmouth, but then we decided it was a bit too similar so tried doing a bounce track instead. Then once Trinidad jumped on it, Hit That was born. I’ll be releasing the original version for free soon!

For the filming I only got to hang out with TJ for about ten minutes, we were both shooting our sections in different parts of the studio and the scenes of us together we started shooting about five minutes before I had to leave and catch my flight!

Blueprint: Can you tell Blueprint readers a bit about the process of collaborating with an artist who already had an established persona and a known brand to represent?

Lazy Rich: Well, I’d love to tell you that TJ and I spent hours discussing what we wanted to achieve from the track and got up to all kinds of note-worthy escapades during our creative process, but truth is he heard the track while recording another session and laid some vocals over it, five minutes later it was done!

Blueprint: If you had an unlimited budget to create your next music video what would you do?

Lazy Rich: I would re-create Gandalf’s fight with the Balrog from Lord of the Rings, with myself singing the track while falling down the pit fighting the fiery monster.

Blueprint: Is there a follow up to Hit That in the works?

Lazy Rich: There is more bounce on the way, and TJ and I are both interested in doing something else, but nothing has been set in stone yet.

Blueprint: Switching gears, if you could resurrect any dead game franchise and have top tier developers immediately start on a sequel which would it be and why?

Lazy Rich: You know what, there are few games that I truly care about, and those are pretty much Metroid, Zelda, Mario, F-Zero and Starfox, all of which have had numerous sequels. As long as Nintendo keeps putting out versions of these I’m forever happy. If they’re listening – it’s been a little too long since I got to play a good 2d Metroid 😉


Blueprint: As the dance music landscape continues to shift so too does electro’s role within the scene. How has the genre’s role within dance music evolved over the last few years, and with it, your fan base?

Lazy Rich: Yeh electro has certainly changed; we’ve seen fidget, dutch, complextro, big room, hardstyle and now whatever it is people are calling this future house stuff. Based upon how many times I keep getting called an “up and coming producer,” I’m quite sure my fan base has a pretty high turnover rate. I think I achieved my biggest success during the complextro days and I still get people asking me when I’m going to make it again (answer: probably not).

Blueprint: How has fatherhood changed your perspective on life and impacted your career decisions?

Lazy Rich: I think it’s too early to have noticed anything yet, the last two months have been quite insane and I’m only just getting used to having this extra (beautiful…and noisy) person around. I think my priorities are certainly going to change, and while it may turn out that I get a little less time to work on music nowadays, I think I’m going to be a bit more focused as I have more reason to be successful.

Blueprint: Which Adventure Time character do you most relate to?

Lazy Rich: I love the episodes when Finn is starting to experience love and is realising how difficult girls can be, I really relate on those episodes.

Blueprint: Back in 2010 you remixed Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice which launched your career, allowing you to commit to DJ’ing and producing full time. If you got a chance to go back and rework the track again, modernize it, what would you change?

Lazy Rich: Funny you ask that, Skint recently asked me to update my remix as they are doing a new compilation, and I decided to put a fresh spin on it. The result is a really housey, funky and kinda fun track, which we’re gonna be previewing soon. It’s out June 1st!

Blueprint: Although it may be one of your lesser known endeavours, you do so much more than just produce, how is your work with label-engine going?
Lazy Rich: Of course, Label Engine is a music distribution, promotion and accounting platform that I developed, and we’ve really been growing recently. Being an artist and a label owner really helps to give perspective on what features people are interested in and we’ve gained a great base of loyal customers. Please check it out at!

Blueprint: Last fall you collaborated with Hot Mouth to release Bonk! The track blew up, popping up in festival sets all over the world—since then have you two thought at all about collaborating again?

Lazy Rich: We’ve tried about 4 times now and have yet to nail anything – there’s a bit too much pressure to make something truly incredible after the last two tracks we did. That being said, we’ll be putting out a vocal version of our track Flash pretty soon!

Blueprint: Would you rather have a lightsaber or a monkey servant?

Lazy Rich: Why would anyone subject a monkey to being their servant? What’s wrong with you?
Blueprint: Speaking of Jedi’s, is Star Wars The Force Awakens safe in J.J. Abram’s hands?

Lazy Rich: Yeh I can’t wait for it! I’m a little worried at just how old all the original cast is going to look (Carrie Fisher is a little past her prime I feel), but JJ has the tie fighters and the stormtroopers, and that’s about all that matters really!

Blueprint: Currently who is the most creative and fresh voice in dance music? Who is dance music’s most powerful tastemaker?

Lazy Rich: To be honest, I can’t say I’m too sure. If one thing’s for sure it’s that some of the big names don’t have nearly as much influence as they used to, and there’s just so much music being released nowadays that it’s impossible to truly grasp what’s going on.

Blueprint: Looking down the barrel of 2015 what does Lazy Rich have in store for his fans?

Lazy Rich: I have the Fatboy Slim remix coming June 1st, and before that I’ll be putting out the funky dub version of Hit That. Other than that I’m working on an absolute ton of collabs and hopefully some of them might even get finished!

Adam Caddell (left) from Fuck Cancer has teamed up with Blueprint’s Alvaro Prol for the Lazy Rich show at Celebrities this Saturday.

Lazy Rich continues to impress his ever growing legion of fans with each now release and he is undoubtedly on of Vancouver’s largest dance music exports. His return to Celebrities is now a mere two weeks and with a great cause like Fuck Cancer at its back, this Saturday, May 30th  is truly a must attend event.

– Ryan Hayes

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