Luckily for Vancouver, Dannic is here this Wednesday to cut through the post long weekend blues and keep the Blueprint Family fully charged and ready to go till Friday rolls around.

As a DJ and producer Dannic is always looking for what is missing: “just put me in a black box and let me play that tech house, that deep underground shit and watch it build into a big set” However, it wasn’t always about house music for a young Daan Romer’s. Ten years ago Daan was holding down the fort at local Breda bars spinning predominantly 70s/80s music mixed together with hip-hop from the likes of 50 Cent. It wasn’t until he entered a contest and won a spot on Dancetour, a small festival in Breda, that Daan’s true passion for everything house sparked his current rise to fame.

With all of Vancouver’s love for the Revealed Records favorite golden boy we couldn’t pass up the chance to sit down with Dannic and dig a little deeper into his past while exploring his bright future.

Blueprint: Let’s start from the beginning. You are from Breda, the hometown of both Tiesto and Hardwell. From a cultural perspective how has dance music integrated itself into society in Breda differently than it has in North America and where did the cultural roots of Breda’s dance scene originate from?

Dannic: In the Netherlands electronic music is a way of life. It is something you grow up surrounded by, so it is not so much that it has integrated itself into society as it is doing in North America at the moment. More that it is already an integral part of everyday life.

Blueprint: Tiesto launched Hardwell’s career, and Hardwell was instrumental in your rise to fame: how much importance do DJ dynasties like these hold within the world of modern dance music and who will be your disciple?

Dannic: It obviously helps a lot to have that level of support from artists that are as established as Hardwell. It does help get you noticed and I think it is cool that the more established artists help bring through the up and coming ones whose music they are feeling. It is what makes this scene so creative; everyone is pushing each other forward. As for who will be my disciple, I am yet to decide, but if your readers feel they are up to it, send me your music!

Blueprint: You have said that your sound can be defined as progressive house with a slight edge and groove somewhat in the same style as Fedde le Grand. What is it about Fedde that inspires you musically and who else would you include as early influences?

Dannic: It is hard to list all my early influences as there were so many. But undoubtedly Fedde played a major role in influencing my current musical direction; I think he has an amazing balance between big club beats and melodies which is what I look for in tracks.

Blueprint: Your first vocal release, Dear Life featuring Bright Lights, was just released on Revealed Records. How did the creative process differ from an instrumental track and how come you have tended to shy away from vocals?

Dannic: It is not a case of shying away from it, more that I didn’t want to force something I wasn’t feeling. This track did however just feel right for a vocal. It was strange, once I had finished the track I spent as much time then looking for a vocalist. It feels surreal handing over ownership of your baby to someone else but I really couldn’t have asked for any more.

Blueprint: Previously you have mentioned that you admire Hardwell’s worth ethic, what would you say are the cornerstones of a successful and sustainable work ethic within the fast paced world of a globetrotting DJ?

Dannic: I think it depends on the individual. But for me being focused and constantly pushing myself to achieve more is what keeps me motivated. Also being surrounded by people who I admire and who are equally driven helps push me forward.

Blueprint: You give massive credit to dance music fans both for bolstering your career and keeping the dance music scene so strong. What do you think makes fans so dedicated to the scene?

Dannic: I feel it’s a two way thing; Djing doesn’t work without the fans as they bring the energy to the club. At the same time, it is the music which brings this response out in the crowd. So I feel it is this union which keeps the scene so strong.

Blueprint: Finally, you have played Vancouver several times now, how does the city stand out amongst the slew of cities you are currently touring all around North America? What can fans expect from your May 21st show at Venue Nightclub?

Dannic: Vancouver has a really cool vibe to it. Everyone is so chilled all the time, but when it comes time to party it goes off like nowhere else which is why I keep-wanting to come back.

Tickets are still available for Wednesday’s show at Venue—why wait for Friday night to go out and have fun when Dannic will be fully rested and ready to party after two days off in Vancouver?

– Ryan Hayes


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