Getting #HURT with LOUDPVCK

Getting #HURT with LOUDPVCK

June 30th endless torrents of bass will wash over the sure to be sold out audience at the PNE Amphitheater for Blueprint’s second annual #FVDEDINTHEPARK Canada Day celebration this coming Monday, June 30th. This year the festivities have doubled in size and for the first time the Blueprint team is happy to welcome their first American guests to an otherwise traditionally star-studded Canadian lineup.

This year LOUDPVCK will ensure bass fans are nice and turnt-up before Excision, Datsik, DVBBS & Giuliano Rascan even hit the stage. The duo, consisting of New York City hip-hop producer Kenny Beats and LA electronic producer Ryan Marks, met in 2009—and in a pressure of filthy beats and good-old-fashioned rap sensibilities LOUDPVCK was formed.

LOUDPVCK is in the business of getting #HURT and bass-heads should show up to #FVDEDinthePARK early for a smorgasbord of trap anthems and over the top bass beats. But, who is LOUDPVCK? We sat down with Kenny and Ryan to find out just what makes the duo tick.

Blueprint: Who is the craziest person who have ever smoked weed with? And did any adventures ensue?

Kenny: We blazed with the guy who got his head cut off in Breaking Bad after a show in New Mexico. That was pretty crazy! 

Blueprint: Would you rather have superhuman strength or the ability to change into any animal you wanted?

Ryan: Definitely the ability to change into an eagle so I could fly anywhere. Flying is rare as fuck, strength is overrated.

Kenny: Superhuman strength would get old quick, I would turn into a monkey so I could swing from place to place and do all kinds of parkour/acrobatics. 

Blueprint: Can you explain LOUDPVCK in three words?

Ryan: Hurt, hurt, hurt

Kenny: Tall, Dark, Handsome

Blueprint: Trap has a long history delving back to hip-hop in the early 2000’s. For those who may not know can explain a bit about trap’s long evolution towards the dance music world?

Kenny: There was a certain brand of southern hip hop that became known as “trap” in the early 2000’s, super simple big 808 beats with mostly drug / crime related content. A ton of kids from other parts of the country (and world) who grew up listening to this kind of music started to take that same formula and blend it with other influences / genres of music that are popular now; like EDM. All of that created this third thing that we call “trap” now, but I think it’s better to call the type of music we make “bass music.” It’s not necessarily “trap” though we were very influenced by that, we are looking to push away from that title moving forward.

Blueprint: People often associate trap music with a lifestyle rather than a beat-making process: why is it important to distinguish between the two?

Ryan: I’m not sure how much of a “lifestyle” it is right now, especially within EDM, but more traditional mixtape trap music perpetuates a narrative of drug-dealing, poverty, violence, and gang activity. The ironic part now is that you have a bunch of suburban white kids making “trap” music in their parents’ McMansions with little or no reverence for how the music actually started or where it initially came from. I think the important part lies within educating young listeners about the heritage of rap musical in general.

Blueprint: Can you pinpoint the moment that you both decided you had to join the trap movement?

Ryan: It’s a huge cliché but when I heard Harlem Shake for the first time, almost three years ago now, I couldn’t fucking believe what I was hearing. It was so fresh and creative…it smacked me across the face.

Kenny: Ryan had already been making a ton of dance stuff, and I was really focused on just doing rap beats. When he had played me the first few “trap” records that were out it was something I knew I wanted to be a part of immediately. 

Blueprint: Your social media presence centers around #hurt. Can you define #hurt, and what is the most #hurt you both have ever been?

Kenny: #HURT is a term that came from kids at my high school, it was always a catch all term for being too wasted. Ryan and I started to use it for all kinds of stuff with our friends, and once we brought it to our social media people just got it right away. The most hurt I’ve been in a long time was at a Jack Beats show in Hollywood like 2 weeks ago. I woke up with all my clothes on and half a bag of hot cheetos in my bed.

Ryan: I actually think the most #HURT I’ve ever been was at Nick Hogan’s house after taking this crazy huge dab. I was so high, it was incredible.

Blueprint: Does the LOUDPVCK moniker embody who Kenny & Ryan are on a personal level or is it an exaggerated and marketable personification?

Ryan: Definitely a little bit of both.

Kenny: We definitely take away from our actual sense of humor a lot, but we obviously don’t always feel like super-turnt-up-funny-party guys all the time like our social media might lead people to believe, haha.  

Blueprint: Would you rather have an extra arm or an extra leg?

Ryan: Extra arm. Think about all the things you do with your arms and your hands, and all the additional things you could do with another set. I could play insane once-in-a-generation piano solos with three arms. But legs pretty much only take you from point A to point B, and I only need two of those for that.

Kenny: Yeah definitely extra arm, I can spin 33% more EDM at the same time with that bad boy.

Blueprint: Can you tell Blueprint readers a bit about gLAdPVCK and the groups two tack EP?

Ryan: gLAdPVCK is our side project with our good friends Danl & Ian of gLAdiator. We decided we wanted to make some songs together, so we rented a cabin in Lake Tahoe for a week and made the two tracks for the EP there. Sort of like an EDM Bon Iver, if you will. We’re really excited to put the songs out, should be next month on Ultra Records.


Blueprint: After the gLAdPVCK EP what can fans expect from LOUDPVCK for the rest of 2014?

Ryan: Three-song original LOUDPVCK EP in the fall, and our own headlining tour and album in 2015.

Kenny: More digital content of us looking handsome on stage and getting into hilarious DJ related antics with our friends.

Blueprint: Ryan, in a previous interview you said: “Jazz is my favorite kind of music, I love playing jazz and blues piano that’s like my meditation. Then I got Ableton and was completely addicted to producing electronic music.” What was it about dance music that was so contagious?  

Ryan: The sheer energy. I didn’t fully understand it until I went to EDC Los Angeles 2009 and saw Kaskade, Deadmau5 and Swedish House Mafia on the main stage. I had never before seen music electrify a crowd the way I saw it that night. I’ll never forget it and I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since.

Blueprint: If LOUDPVCK was to star in a movie like Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke or Harold and Kumar’s White Castle what would the plot read like?

Ryan: The whole movie would be us sitting on our couch trying to decide what we’re going to go eat. We would spend twice as much time doing that as we do eating or going anywhere.

Kenny: We would start off in the club playing a perfect DJ set for all perfect 10 babes, and then the promoter would forget the gummy bears on our ryder and all hell would break loose. Coming to a theater near you, soundtrack by DJ Carnage.  

Blueprint: Why should people buy a ticket to FVDED in the Park and show up early to see you guys mix?

Ryan: Because we love Canada and we’re so excited to celebrate its independence and get #HURT with all of you.

Kenny: Because we are going to play an entire hour of Justin Beiber hardstyle remixes and we will personally high five / smoke kush with every person who comes to our set!

Given the chance LOUDPVCK never disappoint, and fans always leave more #HURT then they came. Luckily for #FVDEDINTHEPARK attendees, LOUDPVCK is only the tip of the iceberg — Canadian bass titans Excision, Datsik, DVBBS & Giuliano Rascan will ensure that #FVDEDINTHEPARK is a bass heads dream. Grab tickets before Monday’s outdoor madness NOW!

– Ryan Hayes

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