This Saturday, superstar Nick van de Wall is set to take over day two of FVDED In The Park. Better known as Afrojack, the man needs no introduction, ever since he broke on to the scene in a big way with Take Over Control in 2010 he has been a main stage mainstay and a dance music icon.

Having played a massive role in popularizing the Dutch sound Afrojack took a large leap forward in 2014 with the release of his debut artist album Forget the World  marking his first foray in to the world of pop music. #FVDED2015 will be Afrojack’s second time in BC and we thought we would celebrate his return and the release of Summerthing with an interview! Starting off easy we hit Afrojack with some rapid fire questions before digging in to the deep stuff.

Playstation 4 or Xbox One?

Playstation 4  

 Dance music or pop?

Dance music always, pop is fun as a producer but dance music is a way of life, and dance festivals are the closest thing to my definition of freedom. 

 Takeover Control or No Beef?

Take Over Control AND No Beef…ha!

 Ultra Miami or EDC Vegas?

You can’t make me choose between friends lol, what’s wrong with you! 

 Main stage or intimate club?

Back ‘n forth! Bit of both. 

 Bottle service or mosh pit?

Mosh Pit. 

 Breaking Bad or the Walking Dead?

HMMMM, difficult, probably Breaking Bad. But, we haven’t seen the ending of Walking Dead yet so it’s hard to say.  

In your Forbes interview you mentioned that Laidback Luke was a mentor for you back when you were first getting started: what role did Luke play in your initial productions?

Within the culture he definitely does a lot to help aspiring acts. I can’t say I received my biggest advice from him, but he’s the first one that created a digital playground for young producers to find each other and help each other—so he did help.   

Referring to your debut album you had this to say: “I want to make my grandma understand a drop and make club fans understand a song.” In your opinion have your accomplished this mission?

My fans loved most of the songs so I think we’re good on the mission. While producing Forget The World I just got introduced to songwriting and producing pop songs, so I had a lot of fun trying that out. My next big goal is to just have fun with it, even though the album was called Forget The World, to get the project done there was no forgetting worlds for me.  


Lately there has been a lot of talk about how record labels pigeonhole their artists and use them as a means of propping up their label owner. How is Wall Recordings different? 

I created my label in the first place as a means of releasing my own music. It wasn’t till later on that we released music from friends and now songs / demos we get sent that we love. Personally I think it’s great to see DJ’s like Steve Aoki, Axwell & Ingrosso, and Hardwell tour around the world with most of their label roster. It’s a great way of introducing new DJ’s and producers to tour life! 

In terms of other labels it actually always surprises me when people rant about things, if you really have a problem with something, so much so that you have to rant, just go fix it.

Looking back at your career would you define yourself more as a DJ or a producer?

It’s impossible for me to say, my life has consisted purely of DJing and producing for the last 10 years now: it has always been CDJ1000’s and FL Studio. Only over the last few years has all the extra stuff been introduced. You know, managing a label, managing some artists/producers, and handling company political shit. But everything is still fun and working towards that big goal of seeing happy faces around you. 

Over the years you have cultivated quite the relationship with David Guetta. How has that partnership evolved over the years?

The highlight of our partnership is the fact that we’re best friends, making songs is fun (Titanium, Hey Mama), but the most fun is when we get to share all our experiences, and sometimes with a crowd of fans! 

Within the world of dance music there is a lot of pressure to evolve and keep up with constantly changing trends—how does one cultivate a signature sound while struggling to remain current? Is the fight to stay relevant artistically restricting?

Actually, I have no clue. I think I’m lucky that I’ve always been producing a little bit of everything, even though I only release the stuff that’s ‘main stage,’ club, or radio orientated, I enjoy producing hip-hop, ambient, techno, house, dancehall, classical and even breakbeats just as much as the other stuff. But, when it comes down to DJing for big crowds I do love some high energy main stage drops and in clubs some techno here and there. So no matter where the trend goes to I hope beats will remain boss!

How do you separate Afrojack from Nick van de Wall and what are the three largest facets of Afojack’s public persona?

On stage I’m always me, in the media my aka has been portrayed as somewhat of a loose cannon: for example I crashed a Ferrari once and didn’t care about it too much. What I think most people don’t know is that the reason I’m happy even if I just crashed a supercar, is that I’m healthy, my family is healthy, my fans are happy, and I’ve been living my dream since 2007. Making music, DJing, and not having to do anything else in life outside of my passion…or telling people about my passion! Ah, and I’m completely addicted to video games, movies and series like Lost, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Family Guy.

For fans coming out to see you at a festival this summer what can they expect from an Afrojack set? Specifically, you are the dance music headliner for day two of FVDED in the Park this July 4th, why should Blueprint fans look forward to catching you live?

We are gonna party and imma play some unreleased shit by myself and my friends. If it’s your first time seeing me…hi my name is Nick, I make music and I DJ. Let’s get completely #FVDED together! 

Can anyone really turn down an opportunity to get #FVDED with Afrojack? Passes to #FVDED2015 are still available but going fast so grab yours now.

– Ryan Hayes

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