EXCLUSIVE: #VENUE5YR w/ Cedric Gervais

EXCLUSIVE: #VENUE5YR w/ Cedric Gervais

This Monday Blueprint is celebrating yet another milestone for one of Vancouver’s clubbing mainstays—Venue Nightclub. Ringing in five years of hazy memories and unprecedented success we at Blueprint have enlisted Grammy winning Cedric Gervais to take Monday October 27th to a whole new level. Originally hailing from Paris this Miami mainstay has been holding down clubs around the world for nearly twenty years. With an innate ability to read crowds crafted over countless hours of unparalleled experience Gervais is more than ready to bring Vancourites exactly what they are looking for. Digging past his remix of Summmertime Sadness we at Blueprint sought to give fans a taste of the real Gervais: his roots, his goals, and his aims for the future.


Blueprint: Last Saturday you celebrated not making the DJ Mag top 100 by drinking 1942 out of your Grammy…

Cedric Gervais: These days you can buy likes, fans, votes, comments, plays etc…but you can’t buy a Grammy or the ability to sell 6 million singles worldwide. This poll means nothing to me and shouldn’t to everyone else…when I see Kaskade at 46 who had a sold out arena tour in America and then I see Blasterjaxx at number 13…that shows me you can’t take this poll seriously.

Blueprint: At the age of fourteen you scored your first residency at Paris’ Queen Club: can you tell Blueprint readers a bit about that time of your life?

Cedric Gervais: Back in the day Paris was on top of the world when it came to house music. Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier…that sound was very new and big at the time so I definitely got a lot of influence from all of it in my work. Today the scene in Paris is dead and not what it used to be…it’s very sad.

Blueprint: You moved to Miami in your late teens, some seventeen years ago, and subsequently scored residencies at many of the city’s top clubs. Musically what was it that drew you to Miami all those years ago, and how has the city’s rich dance music heritage helped mould North America’s current EDM scene?

Cedric Gervais: Miami to me is the biggest reason why this music blew up in America. WMC was the breaking point and then all the major clubs opened here and continue to bring big talent every weekend. A lot of people from all over the state would come to Miami to party for the weekend, and after that a lot of promoters started duplicating that in different cities. Miami was and still is the number one destination in the states to party.

Blueprint: After leaving Paris and Queens Club you secured residences at Crobar, Nikki Beach, and Club Space in Miami: how has your past as a resident DJ helped create who you are today?

Cedric Gervais: It helped me a lot. It’s very important to understand where this culture comes from. I feel a lot of young DJ/producers are missing that in their sets and production. I’m glad I got to experience all these years of grounding in clubs that made me into the artist I am now.

Blueprint: Would you rather lose the ability to produce tracks or the ability to mix live?

Cedric Gervais: None of the above—I love what I do way too much!

Blueprint: Can you describe your perfect crowd in three words?

Cedric Gervais: Up-For-It

Blueprint: You have mentioned numerous time that you are currently working on a new album, the follow-up to 2011Miamication: do you have an overall vision directing your creative process for this particular musical endeavor?

Cedric Gervais: I’m concentrating on writing singles right now and if they form an album later down the road then great but I’m not going to take myself away for 6 months and write an album, not right now anyway. I want to release crossover records that hit the radio but also have the ability to release club records for my sets.

Blueprint: Vegas or Ibiza?

Cedric Gervais: Ibiza. I’ve been going there for 20 years now and it’s just a magical island that can never be duplicated.

Blueprint: Missing You & Love Again—can you tell Blueprint readers about each of these new singles? 

Cedric Gervais: Missing you is being launched in the UK and has a more European sound to it whilst Love Again is being released in the US and has been one of the biggest records in my sets all summer. I can’t wait to see the reaction both of them get in Vancouver!!!

Blueprint: What do you classify as an underground release? How important is a strong underground scene to the world of dance music? 

Cedric Gervais: The underground will always be there and it’s very important to our scene to balance things out.

Blueprint: Over the years you have frequented Vancouver several times: what makes our city stick out amongst your endless touring stops?

Cedric Gervais: Because I have been touring there for a long time, way before any of the success I have now—the city always showed me love. I have close friends from there now and the city is very special.

Blueprint: You are playing Venue Nightclub in Vancouver on Monday October 27th to celebrate the club’s fifth year anniversary. What can fans expect from your set? Why should they extend their weekends and come out to party with you on a Monday? 

Cedric Gervais: Cause I’m going to bring it like I always do! I have a lot of new production that I can’t wait to test out.

There is still time to grab your ticket to celebrate Venue’s fifth anniversary—Monday October 27thdon’t miss your chance your chance to party with one of the few dance music acts to have garnered music’s most prestigious award. Blueprint is waiting.

– Ryan Hayes

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