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From radio top40 straight through to club dance floors, Robin Schulz original productions are truly inescapable. With an irresistible groove, melodic bass beat and silky smooth vocals Schulz has carved out a main stage spotlight for himself in the current deep house renaissance.

Set to make his Vancouver festival debut at day one of Seasons Festival, Schulz will be making quite the first impression on thousands of Vancourites. While global anticipation for his original productions and demand for Schulz’s presence at festivals at an all-time high…not much is known about the young producer.

Digging in to his youth, production style, and rise to fame—here is a look at the man behind the never ending hits:


Blueprint: Starting off from the beginning, your father was a DJ during the 80’s—what was it like growing up entrenched in the world of dance music? To what degree did your father influence you stylistic choices as a DJ?

Robin Schulz: My first touch with electronic music was when I was a teenager, but to this day I still like to listen to other, different, genres…like German rap and pop music. For sure I got influenced by my dad, but my very first days DJ’ing on Technic’s MK2 was with my friends.

Blueprint: Following that up, every city has a distinct vibe. If you were to give your hometown, Osnabrück, a soundtrack what would it sound like?

Robin Schulz: A lovely, warm, and groovy soundtrack for sure. J As far as being influenced by Osnabrück, well, when I was younger I was influenced by artists like Richie Hawtin, Sexy & K.Paul. For now Osnabrück is my hometown, its where I live and enjoy the fertile land with my girlfriend, family, and close friends…so I suppose my music was not really shaped by living in Osnabrück.

Blueprint: Ever since you released your remix of Waves your career has been a complete whirlwind, what do you find is most important to remember in order to keep yourself grounded and in touch with your roots?

Robin Schulz: Yeah, everything suddenly went really quickly in a very short period of time, but I will always be the same bad boy…hahaha! No, but really, to be honest, I will always know where I grew up. Even though this all happened at once it was a lot of work leading up to it so it really wasn’t all luck, but Osnabrück will always keep me grounded and keep me in touch with my roots.

Blueprint: Your debut album Prayer has already spawned numerous global hit singles. What was the hardest part of tackling a full length artist album? Also, the most rewarding and biggest surprise?

Robin Schulz: Having time to produce between touring was really the hardest part, but I managed it in planes, hotels, and random places around the world. I mean, at least when I was at home I could always have dedicated time in my studio. The biggest surprise I really think is that I managed to finish the album on time J

Blueprint: Now that you have finished your first North American tour we need to delve in to some bests:

Best party city…

Robin Schulz: They were all the BEST!! Lovely people, and freaking crazy dancing crowds, all over North America.


City with the best food…

Robin Schulz: I love eating a great burger…so pretty much anywhere in North America that has huge tasty burgers for me to eat.

Biggest surprise…           

Robin Schulz: I remember that there was such a huge vibe in San Francisco, and it was a Wednesday night!

Best overall experience….

Robin Schulz: Almost all of my shows sold out, and all of the venues had unique amazing vibes to them, so they have all been the BEST! It was an amazing tour.

Blueprint: Who are the key players in the global tropical house scene?

Robin Schulz: KYGO from Norway for sure, he is just a hero to me J

Blueprint: On April 3rd you are playing #Seasons2015 festival with Diplo, Dillon Francis, Alice Wonderland, and Grandtheft…what can fans expect from a Robin Schulz festival set?

Robin Schulz: I know that everyone wants to listen to a bunch of my original tracks like Waves, Prayer in C, and Sun Goes Down, so those will be on the track list for sure. Also, I always love to play some new stuff, you know, whatever I’ve received from other artists and friends.

With just under a week until Robin Schulz takes the main stage for Seasons Festival the anticipation could not be higher. Over three-quarters of the tickets for this event have already sold, meaning #Seasons2015 will sell out. Make sure to show up early because you do not want to miss your chance to experience Schulz’s festival debut. His sound encapsulates an entire sonic movement—mellow, groovy, and hook heavy—now is the time to catch Robin Schulz push against big room normalcy.

– Ryan Hayes

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