Starting with Celebrities on March 4th and culminating on March 7th for the Soundwave Afterparty in Edmonton, GTA and TJR are set to take on one hell of a #FVDED run. As both acts have mastered the subtle skill required to construct a bombastic over-the-top set their team up is a match made in heaven, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to sit down with both of them and unearth the secrets of #GTAxTJR. Get ready #FVDED.. they’re coming.


Blueprint: In three words, what makes the #GTAxTJR North American Tour stand out?



Blueprint: How does the energy on a co-headlining tour differ from that of a solo tour?

TJR: I tour alone so it’s been really fun traveling with the guys.  It has a family feel to it.

GTA: TJ and us both have tons of similar energy in our sounds and DJ sets! So it was the perfect combo to do a co-headline tour. Since we have those similar energies both of our fan bases can come together very easily and F*CKING LOSE IT.

Blueprint: In a previous interview you said: “I want people to come away from my sets thinking that TJR brought something that we’re not used to seeing anymore.” Can you expand on this idea?

TJR: I think my sets musically are very fun to dance to and visually my DJ’ing is very fun to watch because of all the subtle and not so subtle tricks.  I respect anybody who still does a lot of tricks on the fly and messes up.  You don’t see that much, too many planned sets. Gotta have moments in the set where you take a risk.

Blueprint: You have proclaimed yourselves as Miami’s #1 Salsa Band…

GTA: Haha this actually came from our good friend Congorock who we asked to do a shout out for our Diplo and friends mix and he just said it! It kinda stuck since then. Both Julio and I grew up in Miami with our parents and grandparents listening to Salsa/Merengue so it fits us.

Blueprint: How does you’re on stage persona different from who you are on a daily basis?

TJR: I’m chill and mostly quiet when I’m not on the stage.  Before the show and after I prefer to be alone, I’m an extrovert by nature of the business, but I like to be by myself most of the time (cue the violin).

Blueprint: You started off your career as a DJ by producing acid house and techno, who/what has influenced your sound to evolve to where it is today?

TJR: Switch is the guy who basically changed my whole view of production.  From my actual sound to the equipment used to make it.  He’s still a genius and someone I listen to for inspiration.

Blueprint: In January you released Intoxicated with Martin Solveig, what did that collaboration process look like?

GTA: One day Martin just tweeted at us out of the blue and asked to collab! So we just talked and met up a few times in LA. We both worked well together as Martin has his more pop-oriented sound and we have our big drums and kind of rough processing. Martin showed us a melody loop which we then turned into the horn lead and based the whole track around it. Martin really is one of the most talented people we’ve ever worked with!

Blueprint: To date what has been your best Vancouver experience?

TJR: Contact Festival.

GTA: Love Vancouver.

Blueprint: Would you rather have your own monkey butler or on call ninja?

TJR: Monkey Butler, cause I would train him to throw his crap at my roommate.

Blueprint: You have stated that the local public golf course in your hometown probably saved you from going to jail; can you explain a bit about golf’s impact on your youth? 

TJR: It shaped me in to who I am really.  I learned things like discipline, work ethic, creating goals, etc.  I also learned that in golf, the only person to blame for mistakes is yourself.  It’s why I love sports, particularly golf.  No favoritism or unfairness, the person who wins shot the lowest score.  It’s as fair as you can get in this world.

Blueprint: #DeathtoGenres—why is it your mission to kill all genres, and what will you do once they have perished?

GTA: Death To Genres is more of a mentality about music that we have, and we feel that appreciating any kind of music for the vibe is the best way to enjoy yourself and have a good time at our DJ sets. Although lots of music nowadays comes and goes rather quickly, we still like playing/making mostly everything just because we can do it in our own way and make it work on the dance floor.

Blueprint: Why booty?

TJR: Cause if it don’t make your booty move, your booty must be dead (credit DJ Deeon)

Blueprint: TJR what is your favorite track by GTA, and vice versa. 

TJR: Lately it’s their remix of Party Up.  The crowd instantly responds when I play it, always gets people hyped.

GTA: What’s Up Suckas!!! It was the track that started it off! The whole Bounce take over. We still play it til this day! Love that track!!

Blueprint: What are you looking forward to the most in 2015?

TJR: I think we are both looking forward to seeing how people react to our collab “Mic Check” and I am hoping Tiger Woods wins again.

Tickets are still available to catch the GTAxTJR #FVDED madness in Vancouver, Kelowna, and Edmonton. As larger than life bass-hungry-booty-driven caricatures both GTA and TJR have enough charisma to hold down a truly ridiculous club show…together…it’s a must see. 

– Ryan Hayes

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