You’re kicking off your North American tour here in Vancouver to support the release of your new album ‘Sixteen Chapel’. As your first appearance back in Vancouver since 2011, and since the release of the ‘Dr.Gonzo EP’, how has your sound evolved since going solo?

 For me, I’ve always wanted to make music that is fun. I’ll never be content with the result so I just keep trying and trying improve and evolve creatively. I don’t think my music has changed much. From the start of Crookers I’ve been very involved in production. My work process changed for the better though – I work way faster! I also feel very free.

Much like your previous releases, ’Sixteen Chapel’ features a diverse group of producers and vocalists. How did working with Jeremih on the track ‘I Just Can’t’ come about?

I’ve been a huge fan of Jeremih since day one. This track was done over the internet because of our schedules. We’re hopefully going to meet in person at some point and work on a track in the studio together. It’s been amazing to create this track with him – it was a really easy process and worked very naturally. 

Regarding the track ‘Dangerous’ you said you drew inspiration from the drums of a Portishead record. Who are some other artists or bands whom you’ve drawn inspiration from while producing ‘Sixteen Chapel’?

‘Dangerous’ was the only track that was inspired by Portishead. The rest all came from my head. I love rap and Hip Hop so there’s definitely influence there. 

Since 2012 you have focused a lot of your energy on your label, Ciao Recs. You have some big releases from Dilligas, Skitzofrenix, Big Makk and most recently yourself. Can you give us some insight as to what’s next for Ciao Recs?

Conquer the world – or at least my world.

In an industry where genres and artists often have a short shelf life, you’ve managed a career that has lasted over a decade. What advice could you give other artists in maintaining the longevity of their own careers?

Don’t spend all your money in the first 2 years – it will completely screw you over. It’s so difficult for artist’s to survive in this industry for more than 10 years. You have to be clever. 

I’ve read a lot of interviews where DJ’s complain about artists playing the same redundant sounding sets. I’m interested to know who you feel are the most innovative DJ’s pushing the boundaries of electronic music?

Myself. (It’s not an ego thing but I’m not checking out any other DJs at the moment so I don’t really know how to answer!)

With that being said, what approach do you take with your own sets to set yourself apart?

I don’t want my fans to expect anything in my sets. Expectations in general are bad, in my opinion, especially in sex. Just enjoy the moment. That’s my philosophy.

Lastly, what have been some personal highlights of your career more recently, and what are you most excited about moving forward?

100% the dinner I cooked last night – it was amazing. Moving forward? Definitely the dinner I’m cooking tonight. Every moment’s been a highlight. I’m grateful for everything I’ve been able to be a part of.

Crookers plays Celebrities Nightclub this evening for another FVDED edition. Last call for tickets HERE

– Mackenzie Dunham

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