Eats Everything prepares to tuck into a big edible summer

Eats Everything prepares to tuck into a big edible summer

By: Vanessa Tam

A true veteran of the UK dance music scene, Daniel Pearce, better known as the DJ and producer Eats Everything, has experienced it all.

Organically making his way up the ranks as a DJ from Bristol, England, Pearce has played everywhere from the smallest spots in London to the most historic superclubs in Ibiza including Amnesia and Space. As a producer, Pearce created an entirely new style of underground dance music with his 2011 release “Entrance Song” and has since gone on to cultivate a personal sound that combines house music with a wide range of other genres including UK bass, garage, techno and jungle.

On the cusp of his first headlining show in Vancouver, we had the chance to catch up with Eats Everything to chat about what’s new in his world and what we can look forward to from his record label Edible Records this year.

Would you say that you began your career as a DJ before starting to produce your own tracks or were you always a DJ/producer from the start?

I would say that I have always been a DJ/producer from the start. I’ve always had labels in mind that I have wanted to release on, like Dirtybird for example, and it [really] was my first track “Entrance Song” that helped [me first start to] build my career.

You have a unique point of view in dance music because while a lot of people involved in the early 90s and 00s scenes are trying to conserve what they created, you on the other hand seem to be happy to watch the scene evolve and develop through the 10s and into the future. Have you always had this type of mentality towards the evolution of dance music from the start of your career or was it something that you developed over time?

Yeah I would say that I’ve always had that type of mentality towards the scene. Things are always changing and it’s easier to go with the change than dwell on what it once was; I’ve never been one of those people that moan and groan about it all the time. As long as people are still attending parties and enjoying them, that’s all that matters.

You’ve always had a pretty wild touring schedule even though you also have a young family back home. What you do to try and find balance between your home and work life?

It’s really hard to balance touring and family life, but whenever I have a day free or time off from touring in general I always head straight home to Bristol to see my wife and little boy. Sometimes when I’m touring for long periods of time, I’ll invite my family along with me and treat it as a holiday.

Tell us more about Edible Records and what you have planned for the rest of the year at the label?

Music wise, we have a track from Paul Woolford that’s absolutely mental, a first track by Elliot Adamson, and a second track by Lord Leopard on our label. We have this plan for a mixture of big guns followed by new guys and so on for releases that I’m really excited about too. For the parties, I would definitely like to develop them into something more but we’re taking it step by step at the moment. For now I’m just really looking forward to the OFF Sonar Showcase that we have coming up next month.

What do you have planned next for yourself as Eats Everything?

Ibiza is starting now and that’s always the biggest thing for me; every year it makes my career bigger. So far I have Resistance, Paradise, Ushuaïa Opening, Elrow, Labyrinth, Carl Cox’s “Game Over” night, and so much more planned for the summer.


Catch Eats Everything this Friday, May 19th at Celebrities Nightclub. Tickets are available for $18.50 in advance. Check out the Facebook event for more info.

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