Dyro’s WOLVpack (Interview)

Over the past four years Dyro has taken the dance music world by storm. As a member of the spiritual Dutch house mafia Dyro has enjoyed the company of mentor Hardwell and compatriot Dannic as a member of the Revealed Records family. From Daftastic to Like a Boss Dyro has yet to take a misstep which is why just over a year ago he decided to step out on his own and start WOLV recording to foster his own burgeoning musical family.

With Venue’s sixth anniversary fast approaching we could not think of a better artist to ring in the weekend with. Thursday, October 22nd, Dyro lands in Vancouver fresh from Amsterdam Dance Event and ready to party. In an effort to capture our excitement we managed to get a hold of Dyro during his busy ADE week for a short chat.

Blueprint: Last week you announced your involvement with Razer Music, for those who may not know, can you share a bit about the initiative and what made you want to join the team?

Dyro: I’ve always been a fan of Razer: on the road for gaming and their software, plus it’s super-fast! I had some issues last year when I needed it for basically the next six weeks of my tour and luckily Razer’s CEO got in touch with me on Twitter to fix the problem. A lot of musicians do use it mostly for gaming, but, when I was invited to be a part of the new music platform, I was excited to show the fans exactly how I use it. The idea is for myself, Carnage, Metro Boomin’ and other guys from different genres to show how we made our tracks with tutorials using the new Razer’s. The Razer team has joined up with FL Studio (Fruity Loops) which is what I mainly use, so all new Razer’s have the programme already installed – it’s pretty cool!

Blueprint: Just over a year ago you launched WOLV as an independent record label—looking back on the last year what are you most proud of?

Dyro: I am definitely most proud of building a brand of my own and signing new talent. It’s an ongoing project and I think that slow and steady wins the race. It’s not about signing the hottest talents or whatever is the ‘cool’ sound at the moment. I could have gone down the tropical house route a long time ago but that wouldn’t have been me.

I like that my WOLVpack is open minded and enjoys music because then I can still experiment but stay true to my own sound, you know? It’s like my recent tracks on WOLV ‘Bittersweet’ and ‘Like A Boss’ are pretty different when you listen to them but still have that uniqueness and energy that I like to bring. With the talent I sign, I’m always looking forward, we’ve just signed these kids from Israel who are making the craziest music…I can’t share too much…but keep your ears out for them on WOLV soon.

Blueprint: What does WOLV offer both consumers and producers that you feel is lacking from some of dance music’s larger labels?

Dyro: Integrity and uniqueness. Like I said, anyone can put out music, it’s about what’s unique to you and what you truly believe in, because otherwise it’s obvious to everyone that you’re faking it. We have that sense of community too which is important, I’m always posting about WOLV and wearing our WOLV merchandise myself but a lot of labels distance themselves without a face or a personality. But, if you don’t have that, how can fans and the industry relate?

Blueprint: When you first started out Hardwell took you under his wing…now that you are an established force within the industry who would you like to help bring to the forefront of the scene?

Dyro: There are a number of artists I was, and still am, really excited about signing. It’s hard to pick just one, but Conro is definitely included. You know, he’s just signed to my management Sorted in Amsterdam and was classically trained when he was younger and came on tour with myself and Bassjackers last year. ‘Nosehorn’ which he did with Bali Bandits on WOLV was one of my tracks of the year for sure. He is one to watch.

Blueprint: While your popularity allows you to cast new artists in to the spotlight it is really your technical prowess that makes you such a valuable mentor. Although you tend to approach producing from a very technical standpoint does emotion ever guide your artistry?

Dyro: There is no right or wrong way and I’m not saying that my way is the best or the only way, but sometimes you have to let the emotions guide you a little, regardless of whether it’s your song or not. Like sometimes, I’ll get a sick track from a really exciting new artist but it just won’t quite be there, or be complete yet, so I’ll guide them as best as I can.

Blueprint: In previous interviews you have mentioned that you are not really a stage person: what is your goal when you step behind the decks for a set?

Dyro: It’s a great feeling seeing tens of thousands of people watching you and singing along to your music, like this summer at Tomorrowland and performing on the mainstage of EDC in New York. But touring can just be so draining, having to turn on the smiles and be happy for press or interviews or meet and greets when sometimes, I just want my bed! The goal is always to make people have a great time; they came to see me so I’m going to give it my all no matter what.

Blueprint: During a tour it must be hard not to find that you are slowly losing yourself to the demanding schedule. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you felt that you were slipping down a path you knew was wrong?

Dyro: It can be, but I’m still young and aware enough to know when to stop with the excess and the party behaviour. I have a great team around me and touch base at home whenever I can with friends and family and loved ones which is so important. Yes I’m young and like to enjoy myself but this is my career and that is something I do take seriously.

Blueprint: Why does dance music evolve so much faster than other musical genres?

Dyro: I think that it is because it’s so mainstream right now. So many different people have ideas of what is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ sound—like who has the right to say that techno is ‘cooler’ than big-room or that deep house is better than trance? No one does, everyone is entitled to their opinion and making sure you follow your own path is the most important thing to do to not sell out.

Blueprint: When you first set out to become a DJ one of your dreams was to garner a spot in the DJ Mag Top100. Now that you have accomplished that goal and times have changed does the list still hold the same prominence for you that it used to?

Dyro: Being given the award for the youngest ever highest new entry was so cool! I hope no one takes that away from me anytime soon, haha! The list is important in that people look to it both at the time, and in years to come, as a level and guide for what was the movement at that time. It will always come with its critics, but it isn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon.

Blueprint: On October 22nd you are set to play the sixth anniversary of Venue Nightclub in Vancouver, for the fans coming out to see you throw down live, do you have anything special prepared?

Dyro: I always enjoy coming back to Vancouver! Venue is a cool place to play too; I was last there in the spring, so to be invited back for their birthday is great. I always enjoy touring Canada, the crowds up there don’t stop! I’ll be bringing a few new edits along and I’ll hopefully have a few new tracks from friends straight from ADE to play for you all!

Dyro is set to take over Venue Nightclub Thursday for our special Blueprint family birthday celebration: expect extra production and great vibes. Limited tickets are still available, grab yours today and we will see you all Thursday!


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