Deep Vibes w/ Klingande

Twenty-four year-old Cedric Steinmyller was just another Swedish house music loving twenty-something growing up in France until he stumbled upon live instrumental infused dance music and never looked back. Although Cedric, better known as Klingande, is already a globally recognized dance music star he has only released three original productions: Punga, Jubel, and Riva. Still fresh to the North American tour circuit Cedric is humble, well spoken, and full of inspiration. Returning to Vancouver for another go around at Celebrities, we just couldn’t pass up the chance to talk to the young rising star;


Blueprint: For those not acquainted with your entire body of work, how would you describe the ethos of Klingande?

Klingande: Mostly I would say melody, happiness and love, that’s what inspires me. Those three elements comprise Klingande’s spirit, and the overall vibe of my music.

Blueprint: All of your shows feature live saxophone—how do live instrumentals change the overall vibe of a DJ set?

Klingande: It’s really something different when you introduce live instruments on stage with a DJ. I’m also doing it in Europe but with the addition of a violin, drums, and harmonica. I feel like it is a perfect combination between acoustic and electronic music; it brings back the groove and the power of electronic music I think. I really love to share my experience with musicians during the show.

Blueprint: Sonnentanz by Klangkarussell…

Klingande: Actually, that track sparked something new for me in my music; it really was at the origin of a new form of deep/melodic house. Then there was Bakermat, Naxxos, and Wankelmut. All of this inspired me, it just open my ears and my universe to something new.

Blueprint: Initially you were drawn to saxophone inspired house because it was so fresh; however, the sound has now gained widespread popularity. Does this push you to search for other sources of inspiration?

Klingande: I’m always looking for a new source of inspiration, everywhere. I love trying new instruments, not only saxophone, and I’m continually exploring the entire musical universe to find what sound will inspire me to create new music next. I’m inspired by my travels a lot, the people I meet, the life I have…I also love to explore playlists on Spotify blues: classical, funk, electro, I discover a lot of new songs and artists that way. All of this fills me with a ton of inspiration for new songs.


Blueprint: You can have one super power…

Klingande: Teleportation!! I can’t stand flights anymore, and if I could teleport I could do shows everywhere, all the time!

Blueprint: Your current plan is to release a new single every 2-3 months while working your way towards an album. In terms or releases, what do your next six months look like?

Klingande: Yes, after Jubel people waited for a new song for months. Actually, it took so long because Jubel was such a surprise hit, I wasn’t ready it. Now I am working on maybe three or four songs, collaboration opportunities, and remixes. I’m finishing a track right now that I hope will be released during the summer.

Blueprint: How has gaining global fame so quickly influenced your artistic endeavours?

Klingande: Like I said, it was really a surprise, and I wasn’t ready for it. To be honest I never even really thought about it happening. All of a sudden I had to quickly get used to interviews, promos, fans, and crazy travelling…everything was totally new for me all at once. Sometimes it was very stressful, but now I’m more comfortable and I’ve found a new stability in my life.

Blueprint: Your May 14th gig at Celebrities in Vancouver will be your third show in Vancouver in less than six months, what is it about the city that keeps you coming back and what can fans expect from your set?

Klingande: First, I have to say that it will also be my birthday J I’ll try to play a lot of new songs, even if the core of my set with the sax remains relatively the same. I always add new stuff to my playlist. I love Vancouver because I always feel very well welcomed by people there. I can’t wait for this show, Celebrities is such a beautiful club!!

Tickets to Klingande’s May 9th show at Sugar in Victoria, and his May 14th birthday show at Celebrities in Vancouver are still available, but moving fast. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get in on the ground level and experience an intimate Klingande show before fame takes hold and he is catapulted to larger venues.

– Ryan Hayes

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