Steadily rising in the electronic world, Vancouver-based producer Vanic has proven himself as an artist with his technical approaches to an unique sound. From a summer spent across North America to an upcoming tour alongside Adventure Club, he takes his mark in Vancouver with Contact Festival. As the Festival quickly approaches we had the chance to catch up with Vanic, discussing his summer adventures and advice he has for other budding artists. 

Youve come off of a summer filled with touring, and most recently a string of shows with Kygo. How was your summer tour experience and what are some of the most notable shows?

The summer was amazing. It was my first tour of the United States and I had a blast with all of the shows and got to meet tons of fans. I think one of the most notable shows was in LA because Kflay got to come out and perform all of her tracks with me. The crowd response was amazing. Also I was only fortunate enough to play one show with Kygo, but it was also amazing. We got to play for a crowd of 6000 and everyone was going wild.

Youve referred to your production style as melodic dubstep and have been one of the artists who have really championed that sound. I know youve been producing more Big Room tracks for your live sets and was wondering if those tracks will ever see full releases or will those be strictly for your sets?

I would say that I used to be more focused on melodic dubstep, with tracks like Skinny Love and Losing You being the most dubstep focused. Now I think my style falls more into the Melodic / Chill Trap category. More of a focus on 808s and lead melodies than big basses and chords. Also I’m not sure about the Big Room tracks! I haven’t made any big room (or anything at 128 speed) for a long time now! That doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future though!

With the explosion of electronic music in recent years im sure many of your fans are budding producers themselves. Do you have any advice for them regarding music production and are there any go to production techniques that you use in your tracks that you could tell us about?

I think there are more producers than ever right now. Electronic music has exploded and production gear continues to advance and become more available to everyone; you don’t need a studio anymore, just some headphones and a laptop! That said, I think the biggest thing for upcoming producers to remember, in my opinion, is that the music is more important than the production. The melodies and sounds used, rather than just the quality of the mix and master are extremely important. Playing an instrument and having that “real” musician aspect will always be something that can really help you stand apart. As for personal techniques… I think that reverb is the most important aspect of sound design, and I think that using reverb in interesting and different ways has helped shape my own sound.

Youve received a lot of attention from releases like your Be Together remix and more recently the release of High alongside Zella Day. What can we expect from you regarding future releases & and are there any future collaborations in the works? 

Right now I’m working on a bunch of original music as well as sitting on a few unreleased remixes. My next release will be a remix of 2 Heads by Coleman Hell. Its an upbeat melodic trap track that focuses on big chords and vocal chopping. You can hear it in my Snowglobe Mix on soundcloud. As for the original music, I can’t say who it’s with until everything has been finalized and the releases are ready to go!

Lastly, The last show you played in Vancouver was sold out with a line up around the block. That said, #Contact2015 will be your first festival show in Vancouver, how does it feel to be playing at a festival like Contact in front of your hometown crowd?

I can’t wait to play for a huge festival crowd in Vancouver. I have a ton of friends and even family that are going, and it is really a dream to be able to say you’ve played at BC Place. That is the same venue Madonna played at when she came to Vancouver haha. I only hope that everyone that wants to see the set makes it in time because I know I’ll be playing a bit earlier!

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