Chapel Sound Launches First Multi-Day Festival

Chapel Sound Launches First Multi-Day Festival

With members spread out across the lower mainland and peppered around the world, the Chapel Sound community has a reach that feels both hyper local and global at the same time. Seemingly started on a whim by some friends in a living room late one night, the electronic music collective has gone from live streaming on the internet to producing their first ever multi-day festival.

True to Chapel form, the festival will also be incorporating a series of daytime workshops and table discussions to encourage networking, development, and collaboration among it’s attendees alongside the scheduled nighttime music performances. We recently had a chance to chat with with Chapel members and festival directors Nancy Lee, Sean Oh, Eli Muro, and Laine Bulter about the upcoming festival and what they have planned.

Chapel Sound Festival 2016

Please introduce yourselves (top left, clockwise)

Eli Muro: Co-curator and performer for Chapel Sound Festival, musician, and artist.

Nancy Lee: Director of Chapel Sound Festival, workshop series programmer, event producer, filmmaker, and interdisciplinary artist.

Laine Butler: Visual artist, music producer, and co-curator of Chapel Sound Festival.

Sean Oh: Founder of Chapel Sound and creative director of Chapel Sound Festival.

This is Chapel’s first time doing a multi-day festival! Has a festival always been in the works for the crew?

SO: We’ve already been hosting Chapel Sound crew throwdowns featuring 10 or more artists a night for the past three years, so we felt like we had enough resources to curate a 100% local multi-day festival. We want to see how much impact we can make on the local scene.

NL: The idea of a festival first crossed our minds after our Chapel Sound 3 Year Anniversary party last September. We had 18 performers on ONE night which is kind of crazy. We thought, ‘Why don’t we do that over an entire weekend?” Then Chapel Sound Festival was born.

How is Chapel Festival going to differentiate itself from the other music festivals happening within the city?

EM: We are an artist and volunteer run festival without funding. Chapel Sound is a community of artists with disparate styles that find ways to work together.

SO: In a way, we are more focused on the relationships between members of our community, rather than musical directions or interests of individuals.

NL: We wanted to create a festival where dialogue and learning could be facilitated. Music performances are a great way to showcase talent and build local support, but workshops provide a better environment to foster collaborations and discussion panels allow room for critical reflection of our own artistic practices.

LB: We thrive on the support of the community. Not only is this festival for regular show go-ers, but it’s also for the creative community of Vancouver.

What part of Chapel Festival are you personally looking forward to the most?

NL: I’m most looking forward to the type of dialogue that will take place during our discussion panels, “Women in Electronic Music & Creative Technology” and “Balancing Exposure and Artist Integrity.” I’m also extremely excited about the creative cross-pollinations that will come out of this festival. We have different Vancouver crews coming together in our festival line-up, and people from multiple disciplines (music, interactive art, design, visual art) coming together for our workshop series.

EM: Meeting all the new people that want to come and be part of the Chapel Sound community.

In an ideal situation, how would you want Chapel Festival and Chapel Sound in general to impact the Vancouver electronic music scene?

SO: I hope for the festival and chapel sound to be a good channel for cross over/collaboration between different genres and different mediums so we can create “Vancouver-style” in a bigger scheme.

NL: More gender balanced line-ups for festivals, more dialogue about our artistic practices, and more people inspired to be event/workshop producers and curators in Vancouver to facilitate these conversations.

Chapel Festival 2016 will be taking place at various venues May 20-22nd. 3 day passes and individual day passes are now available to be purchased online.

Vanessa Tam

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