#CELEBS30YR w/ Amine Edge & DANCE

#CELEBS30YR w/ Amine Edge & DANCE

At this point in time, Celebrities is a Vancouver institution and a Blueprint treasure. It is important to celebrate milestones in life and with that in mind we would like to celebrate #CELEBS30YR with our entire Blueprint family Monday November 10th. However, it wouldn’t be a Blueprint party without some world class talent…

Heralding from the South of France,  Amine Edge & DANCE have been hustling beats since their early teens. Through their eclectic taste for groovy bass and classic Hip Hop a new sub-genre was born: Gangsta House. The name says it all—a mashup between funk’s deep bass and the 80s Hip Hop House movement. Amine Edge & DANCE promise to kick #CELEBS30YR off in style with a unique night Vancourites won’t soon forget.

Blueprint: “If you smile listening to house, it’s not G-House”—for those Blueprint readers who are not as familiar with the style can you define G-House and explain a bit about your role in the scenes creation?

AE&D: We just created a new style of music, influenced hip hop…big bass drop basically.

Blueprint: DANCE your favorite artist is R Kelly & you listen to him so often that in a past interview you said it feels like he is your dad: what do you think it would have been like to be raised by R Kelly?

DANCE: I’d love it! Can you imagine if R Kelly was your dad? I’d be a star without doing anything. All I’d have to be was “R Kelly’s son.” And it suits me too, right? Lol, I would be always with him in his studio creating songs…maybe he could have sung on my tracks too! It would have been so amazing. By the way, I love my real dad so I’m fine.

Blueprint: What was the music scene like growing up in Marseille France?

AE&D: We were lucky because we had MTV for Hip Hop and RnB, and ViVa for all genres of electronic music. Also we spent a lot of time in record stores looking for the import discs from the US. We were crazy about the music from America, but we were really big fans of the artists who, by making good music, put Marseille in a good musical position. Respect and big ups to IAM, Jack De Marseille and Fafa Monteco—always.

Blueprint: How would you currently describe the state of the French dance music scene?

AE&D: In France we now have very strong recognition in the commercial dance industry with names like David Guetta or Bob Sinclar. They both shone a massive spotlight on DJs and brought them to the front line, now everybody is becoming or wants to become a DJ. Ok, so there will be some people who won’t agree with us and are gonna say they are not DJs blah-blah-blah because in the underground scene it’s looked at as something cool to hate commercial DJs…lol…but this is just the way it is. In the underground scene we feel like every big head that we used to respect and feel inspired by goes down a little bit when they go commercial. They try to help elevate the underground to a high level but we don’t really think that it works; maybe we are just too busy to really be aware? We don’t know.

Blueprint: How would a mission statement for CUFF read? And what is next for your label?

AE&D: We have so many artist that you have never heard of before who are going to be released on CUFF. They really have some massive tunes. Also we are going to release tracks from a Brazilian producer on the 3rd CUFF Compilation.

Blueprint: Last summer you held down a residency at Sankey’s in Ibiza, what was that experience like?

AE&D: It was really amazing to see that people actually loved us, our brand and what we represent—it was packed every night when some of the biggest and well established brands from London had empty shows sometimes. In Sankeys most of the people came from all over the UK, from Manchester to London, and it was great to party with the entire UK all in the same club.

Basically, while we are proud of what we accomplished, for now, this is ultimately nothing. We always see far ahead into the future and to bigger things. There is no end, no stop, just a non-stop evolution of progress; this Ibiza season was just an appetizer to see how it works and to test the island to see what doesn’t work. We had our ears and eyes open. Now we are back in our office with a new strategy and are looking to the future to give to our fan the best experience we can.

Blueprint: Top 5 tracks to play live at the moment…go!

AE&D: Diamn – I Got More Clothes Than Muhamad Ali: Because it’s a fresh sample from Rappers Delight. Funky, and when the drop comes…you shit your pants.

Sirus Hood – Magic Stick: This 4×4 beat is incredible, energetic and tasty. It’s also got some dirty lyrics, we love it.

Marco Violent – Batman Rave: Based on the Batman theme music. Who knew that you could make a massive banger with it? Marco knew :)

MK – My Is A Jungle (Le remix k’on joue la fo ke tu regarde le titre exact jai pas mon ordi): This track is amazing. It starts with a gentle slow beat then in the break there is this amazing piano by MK with Louise singing. Then boom it’s a nasty and crazy bass’y acid break-beat tune!!! It always surprises people in the best way.

Amine Edge & DANCE – Lost: basically it’s a classic now. We could play it at every gig, always and forever—everybody everywhere goes crazy for it.

Blueprint: Vancouver is the last stop, and only second Canadian date, on your current—why Vancouver and looking back on the tour how has it gone? 

AE&D: Yeah, we played in Toronto earlier. If we play in Vancouver or Toronto its simply because a promoter contacted our agent with a deal that we all agreed with, that’s why we have never played in Montreal. All of the proposals we have gotten from Montreal were not suitable. The tour has been interesting. The house music scene is still small in the USA. So we didn’t play any big-big gigs but we did play some very nice clubs and festivals. We have to work harder to push the underground music on to the main stage of the biggest festivals. It’s not going to be easy; we see how the kids love their EDM here. It’s like fighting alone against an entire army.

Come out and celebrate a cultural cornerstone with us. #CELEBS30YR is going to be a one of a kind event—and there is still time to grab your tickets. Amine Edge & DANCE will be closing out their 2014 North American tour at #CELEBS30YR and you can be sure that they are looking to go out with a bang.

– Ryan Hayes

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