Catching Up With BESTiE

Catching Up With BESTiE

BESTiE started in Spring 2012 in East Vancouver when friends Andrew Janczewski, Tristan Orchard, Daniel Ruiz and Rob Cameron started jamming with the goal of making a fun and accessible pop band. Soon after discovering their array of world and pop music influences, they started crafting their unique sound. This is Blueprint sat down with lead singer & Fortune Sound Club’s Tristan Orchard to talk everything BESTiE in anticipation for their “No Bad Days” album release party tomorrow night at Fortune.

What’s the deal?

Mostly our deal is we are on an endless mission searching for the perfect burger I think?

How would you describe your sound to someone who had never heard a Bestie track before?

*BESTiE are indie rock / pop music band with world music influences. People tell us were beachy, summery and whimsical. We’re like drinking a pina coloda on the beach to wash down a taco.

How did Bestie come to be?

We all first met at a night I put on at Funky Winker Beans called No More Strangers that was a weekly party. It was the first one. We didn’t start playing music till three years later but it happened very organically. I ran a jam space called Goody and Rob and Andrew were friends and I snuck in to their jam space on a hot summer day and we really liked what we created and decided to do it again.

If you were to describe each band member using a boy band stereotype, what would everyone’s roles be?

Rob is the quiet mysterious one

Daniel is the one with the “crazy hair” aka Justin Timberlake

Andrew is the “Kevin” the oldest member of the backstreet boys / the band Dad because he drives the slowest and is the safest

I am the Baby Spice because I am cute and loveable and wear those tiny backpacks all the time.

What was your favourite track to write?

They are all our babies so I can’t really choose one but maybe “Fell in Love with a Stripper” because it was fun riffing on the idea of a terrible T-Pain song and making it our own.

Do any of your tracks have funny origin stories?

Pineapple was our first song we ever wrote. It was kind of a big joke / parody of tropical music and it’s now come to define us. I was in a new romance where you’re at the point where you tell each other that you like each other and it’s all really exciting and was texting while writing it. I think the lyrics are really absurd and non sensical about “Swimming from tree to tree” and about picking Pineapples growing in trees (they grown on the ground) but I really like them. It was love mania.

Are there any record labels that you particularly identify with?

I have the utmost respect for any label that is surviving in this day and age. 4ad has some amazing artists, arts and crafts are such a great Canadian label. Boompa records out of Vancouver are doing some great things. We love the Belle Game. Burger records now have their records for sale in Urban Outfitters and I think that’s great despite what some people say about them selling out I think it’s great they are selling music as you have to do that to try to make it in this changing industry.

If you could compare your sound to a baby animal playing with an object, which would it be?

Definitely a tiny baby puppy dog playing with a bone. Woof.

What has surprised you most about the whole experience?

That we have people that like and support our music and allow us to play out this absurd fantasy and play shows and travel and express ourselves and do what we absolutely love. It’s very surreal and the bestie.

What’s the next step for Bestie?

We’re playing a bunch of summer festivals like Kelowha, Sled Island, The Jazz Fest, The Boom booms Block party and Tall Tree Fetival and really excited to be starting to write our next album and advancing our sound.

Where does the visual inspiration for your music videos and cover art come from?

With our videos it really comes from the songs lyrics for me and creating a visual way of expressing them but it is very much inspired by what we can do with a limited budget as all our videos have been done for very little money with available resources except for our Sriracha video we have out next where we had to fly to Colombia. I think some people are great at expressing anger or being political but our thing is more of a joyous fun thing and keeping it somewhat comedic and not serious while still taking it very serious is something we like to do. I recently starting using Tumblr again also and that has always been a great inspiration. I think I inadvertently follow a lot of teenagers because they post the most interesting and fresh things from their perspective on the world. I have always really loved dog pictures when they look like humans. I think it’s the best thing in the world and it makes me so happy. I had found this picture of a dog with it’s head through a pizza hut box and a cat coming in from the side looking really crazy and wanted that to be our album cover but figured out that we could create something even better on our own with the same inspiration and ice cream cause ice cream is the best and so are dogs and um ya.

Are there any specific tracks that you’re most attached to visually?

I think with a lot of the songs for me I really have to get inside of the song concept and be in the world of it to tell the story and write the lyrics or the idea ends up getting shelved. It’s probably the same for the other guys in the band in some sort of way. For me our song for Sriracha has always been a fictionalized story about going to Third Beach. We wanted to shoot the video there but Winter came early last September and it had to be summery. We ended up going to Colombia after SX to shoot there because life is too short to not travel when ever possible was the excuse.

– Ziad Ramley

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