Cash Cash & The Journey To Untouchable

In one form or another Cash Cash have been around for over thirteen years. Initially starting off as a duo consisting of Paul Makhlouf and Samuel Frisch the group added Paul’s brother, Alex Makhlouf, in 2007 and never looked back. Since the release of their 2012 album The Beat Goes On Cash Cash have experienced a steady rise in popularity, however, most of the world associates the trio with the global hit “Take Me Home.”

Currently two weeks in to a three month tour with Tritonal—The Untouchable Tour—Cash Cash are armed with new material and ready to take over North America one date at a time. Looking ahead to their upcoming show at Sugar Nightclub in Victoria on October 13th we caught up with Cash Cash between shows for a quick rundown of what to expect on the Untoucable Tour and their long journey towards global stardom.

Blueprint: Can you tell your fans a bit about what originally influenced your sound back in your high school days?

Cash Cash: We’ve been making music together since 6th grade. Sam and I experimented with recording on our old PC’s and pretty much just learned how to do it as we went along. We interned at a few studios in high school learning mostly about recording engineering like mic placement etc. As far as producing, mixing, & mastering goes…that all came from just trial & error. Eventually we got our tracks to the point where we felt confident on how they sounded and felt they were competitive enough to release.

We grew up listening to so much music from classic rock and 90’s alternative, to 90’s dance and house music. Regardless of the genre, one thing we always gravitated to was a well written song. We love melody and clever lyrics, and we knew we wanted to make them prominent aspects of our own original music.

Blueprint: Speaking of the early days, Cash Cash was originally named The Consequence before legal issues forced you to change the group’s name. How did the entire incident come about, and how did you decide on Cash Cash?

Cash Cash: Basically we never thought to copyright the name because when you’re a young local garage band, you don’t have the money and don’t think it really matters. Well after we signed our first record deal, it kind of did matter. We got hit with a ton of legal notices about it from the person who owned the name, and had this old agent trying to screw us over. So, when putting the new group together out of frustration, I was like, we should just name this group “Cash Cash” because everyone is after our cash, and we don’t have any yet. We all looked at each other and it just stuck.

Blueprint: When you first started touring as a trio your set up was very different. What was the turning point that sparked the transition between touring as a full band and touring with a traditional DJ setup?

Cash Cash: We were always electronic which is what made the transition really seamless. We’ve been producing, recording, mixing, and mastering all our own music since we first started out…so the studio was a very familiar place to us. On top of that we’ve been remixing outside artists since we began, and then over time our remixing styles became more apparent in our original music which is how the real transition happened.

In 2012 we put out a couple songs on Spinnin’ Records that leaned even more towards the electronic genre. Then, in 2013, we produced and co-wrote Krewella’s second single “Live For The Night” which opened up our sonic library even more. From there we started linking up with outside artists such as; Bebe Rexha, John Rzeznik, Busta Rhymes, Neon Hitch etc. At that point in time the sky became the limit for us as far as genre and style goes.


Blueprint: Do you feel as though your shows have lost anything after moving away from live instrumentation and vocals?

Cash Cash: Not at all, it’s just a different kind of energy and rush. Musical instruments are still a very important part of what we do. We always write our songs on piano and acoustic guitar, and sometimes record stripped down acoustic versions of our singles. We released acoustic versions of Take Me Home & Surrender that I’m extremely proud of.

Blueprint: From playing Warped Tour to holding down Ultra, how has your core audience changed over the years?

Cash Cash: Our audience has definitely changed and grown right along with us which is truly amazing. We saw it happen as electronic music grew over the years—I’m sure artists like Skrillex will also agree with that given we come from very similar backgrounds. Playing other people’s music as a DJ is what it’s all about; the community is very strong and the fans can feel it. It’s a lot of fun making our own edits of other people’s songs or mashing up and sampling other group’s music live with ours. We also love hearing other DJ’s dropping their own edits of our original songs. The camaraderie amongst DJ’s & producers is very real and very strong…it’s what keeps the scene growing.

Blueprint: Switching gears and looking towards the future, you worked on an electronic ballad with Christina Perri. Can you tell Blueprint readers a bit about that process and how you ended up working with Christina?

Cash Cash: We’re actually on the same label, so our teams set up a session together. We hit it off really well and it’s one of my favorite songs we’ve done! The song shows a totally different side to our production and it will definitely be on our upcoming album.

Blueprint: How is your next album coming along, and are there any concrete details you can offer fans? 

Cash Cash: Our new album is 98% done! Haha…it contains some really cool unique features such as Fitz & The Tantrums, Christina Perri, Trinidad James, Anjulie, Busta Rhymes and many others. Overall it contains some of the best songs I think we’ve ever written as a group. We’re extremely proud of it.

Blueprint: You are about to embark on The Untouchable tour with Tritonal, what can fans expect from this particular Cash Cash experience—specifically do you have anything special in store for Sugar Nightclub in Victoria & your sold out show at the Commodore Ballroom?

Cash Cash: The tour just kicked off and the shows have been absolutely wild. A lot have been selling out, and the response has been overwhelmingly amazing. We do a back to back set with Tritonal at the end of the show and things get pretty silly…there are definitely no dull moments on this tour. We’re both playing unreleased music as well so you’ll get a taste of some new goods from both ends.

Don’t miss your chance to dance away the post long weekend blues with Cash Cash Tuesday October 13th at Sugar in Victoria, there are still tickets left but they are going fast.


Ryan Hayes

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