Another year has come and gone for our Blueprint family which means it’s time for another celebration—#BP18YR. Over the years it has become a Thanksgiving tradition for us to gather with everyone who shares our love and passion for a great beat and celebrate our anniversary with the best dance music has to offer.

It’s no wonder then that Audien is set to take on the #BP18YR main event on October 9th for Arrival Alberta in Calgary and October 10th at the Pacific Coliseum. Last year a twenty three year old Audien was nominated for a Grammy, best remix for his work on Bastille’s Pompeii. Whether you are a fan of his melodic Anjunabeat releases, or his festival floor fillers gracing Spinnin’ Records, Audien is synonymous with impeccable productions and a great live show.

Having just released his debut EP Daydreams we took the opportunity to sit down with Audien and talk his latest releases and both #Arrival2015 & #BP18YR.


Blueprint: Seven years in to your career and you are releasing your debut EP Daydreams—why now?

Audien: Honestly I’d been releasing one-off singles pretty much my whole career and I thought it would be nice to release a cohesive work. For me, Daydreams represents my past, my present, and my future. It has a little something for everyone, because my production interests and listening habits are quite varied.

Blueprint: Back in 2008 when you were first embarking on your career your productions were predominantly trance. Jump ahead to Daydreams and you have taken a step away from the genre; what made you decide to take veer away from trance?

Audien: There really are a few things here. First, I have a constant desire to challenge myself to explore new melodies, tempos, rhythms, sounds, etc. I wouldn’t feel comfortable as an artist being married to one sonic idea for my whole career. My music consumption has evolved, and my live performances have evolved along with it, and so, my production style has come along with it. For me it’s not this genre vs that genre, I hate that kind of territorial thought process. I’m more excited about taking my penchant for writing uplifting melodies, and folding that into new spaces.

Blueprint: Delving deeper into your new EP, can you share a bit of the story behind your country collaboration with Lady Antebellum?

Audien: Something Better turned out amazingly. I had a great track and song that lent itself to a call & response concept, and also great harmonies – and I always wanted a duet for the track. Lady A is in the greater Capitol Records family, as am I, so my team pitched them the track thinking that first and foremost it would work musically. They were excited about the themes of the song and agreed to record it. I was thrilled – I see them as great vocalists beyond the country music world.

Blueprint: Following that up, Pharaohs is an extreme departure from your usual sound, what made you decide to take the risk of including it on Daydreams?

Audien: Sure, Pharaohs isn’t 128 BPM progressive house. But it’s melodic in nature – which is true to me. I like trap. I like hip hop. I’m not afraid to say it! I play trap records out all the time. You’ll hear them in Vancouver! If fans are turned off by my exploration as a producer – well – what can I tell you – I’m having fun, and lot of people are reacting positively.

Blueprint: Looking back on the EP as a whole, are you happy with the finished product? Will fans have to wait another seven years for the next EP?

Audien: I’m very happy with it; otherwise it would still be buried on my hard drive somewhere. I’ll be focusing on this for a while publicly, but I’m already working on some more music. Who knows – maybe it will become an album or another EP.

Blueprint: People often attach memories to music which then runs the risk of letting a bad memory ruin a song—do have a handful of songs that you strongly associate with points in your life?

Audien: Certain songs obviously make me feel nostalgic about specific times in my life as I think is the case with most people. But for me, the music generally transcends the memory. These days I get the biggest kick out of listening to happy hardcore – which is the first type of dance music I ever tried to make. I’ve even been putting some in my sets.

Blueprint: This October you are set to play two of Western Canada’s largest fall festivals, Calgary’s Arrival and Vancouver’s #BP18YR celebration, what do you have in store for fans attending these two events?

Audien: I’ll be playing a nice mix of things that I think the crowd is excited about, and things that I’m excited about. Obviously the EP will be in there…and spoiler alert…my Pompeii remix as well.

Blueprint: In past interviews you have stated that you tend to mix whatever style your crowd is feeling the most. With that in mind can you think back to previous Vancouver events and assign us a particular style?

Audien: First, I love Vancouver & Blueprint. I have truly had some memorable shows with you guys. One show that stands out was my night with Armin, it was particularly memorable. Past that all I can say is this – you guys know how to have a good time, and you’ve got a beautiful city.

If you are looking for a melodic genre-bending set Audien is the guy for you! Make sure to pick up his debut EP Daydreams and grab tickets to both #ARRIVAL2015 and #BP18YR while you still can.


Ryan Hayes

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