Daley Padley, better known as Hot Since 82, was born in—you guessed it—1982. From his humble point-of-view, Padley believes that he got his break simply by being in the right place at the right time. Padley believes the current dance music scene can be viewed as a massive tree: mainstream electronic music representing the thick trunk, and the branches representing dance’s sub-genres. In the past year, enough North Americans have traveled up the proverbial EDM trunk that demand for leafy underground beats blossomed, pushing Hot Since 82 to the forefront of a new wave of deep house producers.

Luckily for Vancouver, Hot Since 82 will be gracing the decks tomorrow night at Celebrities for a special edition of Playhouse Saturdays. Humility not enough to sell you on Hot Since 82? Here are four more staggering reasons not to miss Padley lay down what is sure to be a memorable set;

1.     Live DJing prowess with an emotional core  

Currently Padley is taking a break from the studio. Why? He loves DJing so much that he has decided to dedicate himself, full time, to pursuing pure live passion. Every time Hot Since 82 lays down a set, his goal is simple: take the audience on a journey. For Padley, this involves marathon sets full of twists and turns, mired with the skills he curated during his early days in Leeds. Spinning sets on vinyl that would regularly span ten plus hours, Hot Since 82 used to hold down the dance floor five nights a week at a local after-hours club. Although Vancouver may not be receiving the dusk till dawn treatment we can take solace in knowing that we are in the capable hands of Hot Since 82.

In an electronic world where aggressive bass trumps emotion, Hot Since 82’s mixing is motivated by an authentic connection with his audience. Where does this emotional drive come from? Romantic comedies, obviously. In a recent interview, Hot Since 82 professed:

I’m a romantic! I love a good rom-com, who doesn’t like a good love story with a good ending? Honestly, I’m a sucker for romantic comedies. Like You’ve Got Mail…[&] Hitch, I watched that [Hitch] on Air Canada the other day – what a great movie, man! Who doesn’t like to be in love, man? I love being in love.”

Years of experience have left Hot Since 82 with genuine mixing talent and an emotionally robust desire, fueled by rom-coms, to connect with his audience. What better way to celebrate post-Valentine’s day than with a DJ hungry for a genuine connection and inspired by pure sentimental emotionality

2.     Essential mix:

For Padley, the chance to create an essential mix meant everything:

“I’ve been listening to Pete Tong’s show since I was a little kid. The Essential Mix is like being knighted in the dance music industry. So the Essential New Tune was like, “Wow, things are going good.” Pete Tong’s a god, Radio 1 is like the Mecca for dance music in the UK and maybe even worldwide for pushing out new music.”

Striving for perfection, Hot Since 82 obsessed over his essential mix before giving in and approaching the mix the same way he would a live club show—and damn, did it work well.

 3. The Little Black Book

Want to know the big trade secret to Padley’s signature style?

It’s simpler than you think: “Organization is key,” he responded when asked about the creative process behind his “Little Black Book.” Groovy, straightforward, infectious deep house is exactly what our latest North American dance surge has been clamouring for, and over the course of six months, Hot Since 82 drafted ideas on tour whenever inspiration struck and brought a treasure trove of ideas back to the studio. Organizing all of these separate bits and pieces is what allowed Padley to grow into one of deep house’s biggest stars.

Make sure to catch his remix of Green Velvet’s Bigger Than Prince—it absolutely conquered Ibiza during the 2013 season. For an emotional punch listen to The End, Padley describes it as a personal track created for himself and not for the fans: it’s become a favourite as a closing track so keep your ears pealed during his set at Celebrities.

4.     He represents the elite of a new wave of Deep House maestros  

Hot Since 82 clocked in at number seven on Dancing Astronaut’s Top 25 Techno & Deep House Producers of 2013, and the revered blog had this to say about his boundless talent: “combining slick production prowess with pop sensibility and versatility, Hot Since 82 appears primed for further crossover commercial success in 2014.” The competition for this list was cutthroat, and no doubt Dancing Astronaut had their work cut out for them when deciding on their Top 25. With Tiesto’s recent Essential Mix acting as a tribute to the latest deep house surge, it should be no surprise that Hot Since 82 is in high demand as one of the best in dance music’s newest popularized sub-genre: Deep House.

Don’t miss your chance to see Hot Since 82 at Celebrities tomorrow night! Tickets available here.

– Ryan Hayes

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