This Friday Jonas von der Fehr, better known as Fehrplay, is ready to grace the decks at Celebrities for a special Valentines Day event. 2012 started off in a big way for Fehrplay: within months he was signed to Eric Prydz legendary Pryda Friends label. Following his accession to one of house music’s most prestigious labels Fehrplay released hits “Incognito” and “Nightride”, all the while laying down the groove and keeping dance floors alive in Ibiza and numerous festivals around the United Kingdom. His raising talent and stature within the dance music community is indisputable—but what do we really know about Jonas von der Fehr? Recently we were lucky enough at Blueprint to sit down with Fehrplay and get to know the man behind the music. This is what we learned…

Blueprint: What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Fehrplay: Get a coffee or a Red Bull, and then listen to the work I’ve done the night before. If it sounds good the morning after, it’s gold.

Blueprint: You are in Vancouver for Valentines Day playing Celebrities, so I’ve got to ask – in your opinion, is Valentines a great excuse to be romantic or a Hallmark consumer trap? 

Fehrplay: A bit of both. I don’t like buying lots of crap just because some made-up romantic day tells me to. But I do like to do something nice for my girlfriend though—I know she wants me to (laughs).

Blueprint: What is the best date you’ve ever been on?

Fehrplay: When my girlfriend surprised me at the airport in Toronto on my birthday. That was a good date!

Blueprint: As a gift: flowers or chocolates? 

Fehrplay: Chocolates!! Pink champagne truffles are the shit!

Blueprint: Vegas or Ibiza? 

Fehrplay: Ibiza 100% It’s magical.

Blueprint: While playing a set do primarily seek to please your own musical integrity or the crowd?

Fehrplay: Both, you want the crowd to have a good time, but also push the limits and show them something they weren’t expecting.

Blueprint: Would you rather have a trained dragon or be a dragon?

Fehrplay: Ohh! Tough one. I think I’d have a dragon. I’d be the boss of everything.

Blueprint: Funk or groove?

Fehrplay: Groove. A nice groove can keep you dancing forever.

Blueprint: Describe Fehrplay’s artistic vision in three words.

Fehrplay: Hmm—progressive, emotional, original.

Blueprint: Would you rather lose the ability to produce tracks or the ability to mix live?

Fehrplay: Making music has always been my biggest passion, so I’d have to say lose the ability to mix live.

Blueprint: Big room or intimate club? Why?

Fehrplay: Intimate club, because you can feel the vibe and the crowd more. You can interact with people, and the crowd can come up close to the DJ booth, which is really nice. Also I feel like I can be more experimental in a club. I LOVE playing festivals to though, don’t get me wrong.

Blueprint: With eggs, bacon or sausage?

Fehrplay: BACON!

Blueprint: Would you rather release only collaborations for the rest of your career or only release solo material?

Fehrplay: Only solo! I don’t really like doing collaborations that much, too much of a control freak.

Blueprint: Love or Sex? 

Fehrplay: Love, when you start with love it will help take everything further.

Blueprint: Describe what’s to come for Fehrplay in 2014 in ten words or less.

Fehrplay: Lots of new music and more deep stuff too. Also I am going to widen my array of mixing tools—and obviously lots of fun!

Blueprint: What does a Fehrplay Valentine’s Day set sound like?

Fehrplay: Emotional with high energy, and lots of love. Yeah, doesn’t that sound nice.

Blueprint: What is the last thing you do every night before you go to bed?

Fehrplay: Pet my dog and my girlfriend, then watch a series. Right now it’s “That 70’s show”.

Catch Fehrplay for a Stereotype Friday’s Valentines Day (February 14th) set at Celebrities Nightclub at www.thisisblueprint.com/events

– Ryan Hayes

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