Tomorrow night, Australia’s Melbourne Bounce ambassadors are bringing that wobble to Caprice Nightclub. From there, Will Sparks, Joel Fletcher and Timmy Trumpet continue their Blueprint takeover as the Bounce Bus Tour rolls through both Calgary and Edmonton next week.

By the age of twenty one, Bounce Bus leader Will Sparks had already been crowned Australia’s number 1 DJ and released the genre defining “Ah Yeah!”. As if that weren’t enough, luckily for Blueprint fans, Sparks is bringing along his heavy hitting friends. Resident bounce expert Joel Fletcher who helped Sparks get his barring during the early stages of his career and legendary live trumpeter Timmy Trumpet round out the Melbourne trio ensuring each stop the Bounce Bus makes will be a memorable event.

Hoping to gain a little insight into the Melbourne Bounce scene we sat down with Joel Fletcher, and momentarily Timmy Trumpet. Needless to say we are now we are outrageously excited for everything Bounce Bus.

Blueprint: The Bounce Bus tour began August 28th and runs until early November: how’s bus life?

Joel Fletcher: For me personally I much prefer the bus than flying. Most show nights we don’t get much sleep, so it’s good to be able to get on the bus and be able to rest. There’s been plenty of collaborating happening between Will, Timmy and myself—keep an ear out in the near future for them!

Blueprint: Currently in Australia it is the Melbourne Bounce or bust: “If you don’t play bounce, they don’t dance”. To what extent is this statement true & do you find playing in North America freeing as there is not as much pressure to conform to a famous local genre?

Joel Fletcher: It’s very much like that in Melbourne, but I wouldn’t say it’s like that anywhere else in Australia. I love playing in North America; the crowds seem to be more open to any kind of genre which makes my set’s more interesting and more fun.

Blueprint: Currently there are so many dance music genres vying for supremacy in North America: in your opinion what is it about the Melbourne Bounce movement that stands out to the dance music community in such an infectious way?

Joel Fletcher: It’s a fresh and fun sound. If Melbourne Bounce doesn’t get you moving on the dance floor then I don’t know what will! 

Blueprint: Can you give Blueprint readers a brief history of the bounce: from its humble roots to global domination.

Joel Fletcher: The sound was formed by a duo from Melbourne named Orkestrated, who coincidently happen to my great friends of mine. Back 5 or 6 years ago it was more of a minimal/techno vibe. I would have to say it really broke out when everyone got introduced to Ton!c, who is now Deorro, he put the sound on a whole new level with his crazy Dutch synth’s. And obviously Will had a huge impact on getting the sound out there globally!


Blueprint: In terms of interplay, how will the Bounce Bus tour stand out from other solo ventures you have each individually undertaken?

Joel Fletcher: There’s the 3 of us under one roof. We are all playing together, making history and creating something special that people haven’t seen before.

Blueprint: Who acts as the voice of reason within the group and who is the trouble maker?

Joel Fletcher: None of us are really the voice of reason. We have formed a democracy called Team Lunatic.

Blueprint: How does the Australian scene differ from both the North American and European scenes? Is there a defining characteristic that sets each apart from the other?

Joel Fletcher: Canadian’s know how to party—so to do Australians—in fact, so do Americans, and Europeans—we love all of you.

Blueprint: What genre does the Melbourne Bounce draw its influences from?

Joel Fletcher: The Melbourne bassline definitely comes from Minimal, and the synth’s that you hear in the sound these days have a Dirty Dutch element to them. 

Blueprint: Live trumpet lends itself to a uniquely authentic vibe during the age of pre-recorded DJ sets: how will the Bounce Bus tour keep their shows fresh and original?

Timmy Trumpet: Keeping fresh and original is something each of us strives for every day, not just in our shows but in everyday life. Improvising live on the trumpet is something I look forward to every day which is why every performance is never the same. You’ll have to come to a show to find out.

Blueprint: Following that up, why should Vancouver fans head downtown on a Thursday night and brave the Friday morning work hangover to experience the Bounce Bus?

Joel Fletcher: We want to party with you all!  Come and check out what the bounce is all about!!!

Tickets are still available for all three stops on the Bounce Bus Blueprint Events takeover. Grab yours now and don’t miss out on dance music’s newest movement—it’s Melbourne Bounce time.

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