Israeli born Asaf Borger is an enigma. At twenty six years old Asaf’s EDM persona, Borgore, is rocking enough hyper masculinity and pure machismo to mask a major cuddly sensitive side. From his bass roots in deathcore heavy metal band Shabira to his early dubstep duo Alphamale Primates, Asaf has always loved making noise. Conversely, Asaf has been playing piano since the age of three and he graduated from one of the best private schools in the worlds as a saxophone major.

Currently embroiled in the final steps of his creative process, Asaf is hell-bent on creating a fully realized thematic album. Holding up Amy Whinehouse’s Back to Black as a benchmark, the Borgore gears are spinning. But the real question is, will Asaf be able to surpass his former glory?

In 2012 Borgore’s track Decisions, a collaboration with Miley Cyrus, was largely credited as Miley’s tipping point—after you get bitten by the Borgore booty-beast there is no going back. But who is Asaf? A cuddly baby panda masked in exaggerated masculine stereotypes or a rage ready morally depraved rock god ready for anything? The best any interviewer can do is crack the surface leaving any steadfast conclusions to the reader…

Blueprint: Your current tour, New Gore Order, is pummelling North America. What sets this tour apart from your past ventures?

Borgore: This tour has more naked chicks than I’ve ever seen, more than my entire life. No joke.

Blueprint: For those who haven’t seen the music video, what does a Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse look, sound, and smell like?

Borgore: Looks like porn, sounds like porn, and smells like porn.

Blueprint: Your online campaign, Booty for Borgore, has been so successful…what will you do with all the booty once you have it?

Borgore: Go against Bootymon Master.

Blueprint: As a producer you have a difficult time with an unrelenting pursuit of perfection. Was the process of creating and letting go of fourteen tracks for a debut album difficult for the perfectionist in you?

Borgore: Let’s just say its two weeks after the deadline and I’m still working on the masters…so the answer is yes.

Blueprint: Is there anything on the album that will catch fans by surprise?

Borgore: The Intro.

Blueprint: The ultimate unicorn—does it exist, and what does it look like?

Borgore: Like Megan Fox minus the horn and the horse body.

Blueprint: Markus Schulz fans have dubbed him the unicorn slayer. Considering your intense passion for the mystical animal how do you feel about Schulz maintaining that title?

Borgore: When will Germans stop trying to kill everything?

Blueprint: How does the North American EDM scene differ from the one in Israel?

Borgore: Everyone speaks English.

Blueprint: You created Buygore so that you could control a label that allowed you to put out whatever the fuck you wanted. What is the next big sound and/or fresh twist fans will hear released through the label?

Borgore: My Album

Blueprint: Do you ever see Borgore becoming a one women kind of guy?

Borgore: Never!

Blueprint: Is that Borgore or Asaf saying no?

Borgore: Never…Borgore says never.

Blueprint: How does the artist Borgore differ from Asaf Borger the person?

Borgore: Well, Borgore doesn’t let Asaf talk about these things in public.

Blueprint: You describe your live mixing style as ADD, can you elaborate so Blueprint readers know what to expect for your upcoming show at Celebrities?

Borgore: Every genre in the world—everything from Miley Cyrus to Asking Alexandria.

One thing is for certain…there is never a dull moment with Borgore. Nonetheless the question remains, is the character of Borgore all a ruse? Is Asaf secretly all cuddles and hand holding? Or a living breathing booty monster?

Grab tickets to his Wednesday May 28th show at Celebrities and decide for yourself. Regardless of the outcome things are going to get weird.  

– Ryan Hayes

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