60 Seconds with Adventure Club

60 Seconds with Adventure Club

There is no doubt that Vancouver loves Adventure Club. Regardless of where they spin—Celebrities, The Malkin Bowl, or Commodore Ballroom — they never fail to sell out the venue.

Montreal based Christian Srigley and Leighton James have been carving out a unique name for themselves since early 2011. With their debut LP on the way, and two Blueprint shows just around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to sit down with Adventure Club:

Blueprint: Between 2011 & 2014 your rise to stardom was significant. From an industry standpoint what “right” moves did you make as a duo and is there a blueprint to commercial success? 

Adventure Club: Everything we did was incredibly grassroots, from making connections with as many internet outlets as we could – to connecting to every single fan. We took everything “slow” by our standards, and we were careful to not jump at every opportunity that came our way.

Blueprint: Your early work was featured prominently on UKF’s YouTube page. How much do you accredit your presence on social media for your rapid rise to fame?     

Adventure Club: Social media is pretty much the Holy Grail, mixed with a lot of word of mouth from constant touring. We were incredibly lucky to have such a high profile channel such as UKF get behind us so early.

Blueprint: Would you rather live for 1000 years or live ten 100 year lives?

Adventure Club: There’s a lot grey area there. Do we age slower? Does everyone around us also live 1000 years? Do we have a recollection of each of the 100 years we’ve lived? Either way, 10, 100 year lives is the way to go.

Blueprint: Spinning as a duo obviously adds a new layer to performing live. Do you find that this allows you to reduce preplanning and create a strong sense of authenticity by ensuring that a sets evolution is truly live and organic?  

Adventure Club: We both have varying tastes when it comes to what we each want to play, so a bit more preplanning has to go into our sets just to make sure there’s at least some type of flow, or else it would be all over the place.

Blueprint: Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful dimwit?

Adventure Club: …We have one of each…

Blueprint: You guys are Vancouver and Blueprint’s favourites. Can you tell us a bit about your experience with both entities?  

Adventure Club: Hands down, Blueprint are our favourite dudes/company: Matt and Alvaro took us in really early in our career and we’re forever grateful. Vancouver is our second favourite city (it would be our first if we weren’t from Montreal). Every time we see we’re playing a Blueprint Events gig our faces light up, and we get super excited. It just feels like family.

Blueprint: Would you rather lose the ability to mix live or the ability to produce tracks?

Adventure Club: Ability to mix (whatever little amount we already have lol)

Blueprint: Leighton you have been dating Yasmine Yousaf of Krewella—since your rise to fame do you find that your relationships tend to come exclusively from within the DJ community? Do you ever feel pigeonholed within dance music circles and unable to branch out socially?   

Leighton: I wouldn’t say exclusively in the DJ community, more in the music community in general. I’ve made friends with bands I looked up to 10 years ago. We’re just able to reach out to people on a certain level of success with a bit more ease now. I’ve met and become friends with some of my idols in various fields: from sports medicine to literature.

Blueprint: What is your favourite venue and city to play in Canada?

Adventure Club: This is totally bias, but New City Gas in Montreal. If we were from the states, it would one hundred percent be Celebrities.

Blueprint: What should fans expect from your upcoming shows at 9ONE9 in Victoria and The Commodore in Vancouver?

Adventure Club: The answer varies based on how much we drink at dinner.

The Commodore Ballroom show may be sold out, however there are a small amount of tickets left to the Thurs, April 10th show at Club 9ONE9 in Victoria, so grab tickets while you still can! 

– Ryan Hayes

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