20 Questions With Matoma

20 Questions With Matoma

This weekend we celebrate another milestone—#BP18YR. This year we at Blueprint have curated an eclectic lineup of artists which we believe truly represent our love and passion for dance music. For a taste of something truly fun and original up-and-comer producer/DJ Matoma is set to serve up tropical vibes and deep cuts. Infusing urban vocals with a laid back vibe, Matoma radiates positive vibes, and we just couldn’t let #BP18YR pass by without finding out just what keeps him so at ease.

Blueprint: Let’s start off with a little history lesson—for those who don’t know, how would you describe what Matoma is all about?

Matoma is all about spreading the love… I want to touch people with my music. My goal has always been to produce music and spread it to my fans. I love every second of making and playing my music. I feel that the vibe of the music I produce reflects how I feel. There are no absolutes when I make music, and I can’t wait to show all my fans some of the new music which is about to get released. Matoma started when I finally got the confidence to release productions on Soundcloud, and the enormous feedback gave me the courage and inspiration to keep producing.

Blueprint: Jumping in with a specific request: you have a remix of Will Smith’s Miami, any chance you can drop it at #BP18YR?

There is of course a chance I could play that track 😉

Blueprint: Following that up, a remix of Will Smith’s Wild Wild West is featured at the start of your One Year/One Love mix—just what is it about Mr. Smith?

I feel he is an underrated rapper. He has an awesome flow, articulates well and he has some really cool music. I also have been a huge Will Smith fan since I first started watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Blueprint: Are you more likely to remix Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift, I think.

Blueprint: Mario or Master Chief?

Mario, if you mean the Mario from the Super Mario TV Show ^^

Blueprint: Free Fallin Tropical Mojito Remix (John Mayer Tribute)—what was the inspiration behind the remix?

I really like his voice, and that was the basis for the track. Actually it was my good friend Nelsaan which had the idea to remix the track, and our collab worked out quite well.

Blueprint: Main stage or intimate club?

Both. I cannot compare the two…

Blueprint: Bottle service or mosh pit?

Mosh pit! But not at a metal concert…it seems so violent. 😉

Blueprint: To date, as an artist, what accomplishment are you most proud of?

Some of the unreleased original tracks I am sitting on! Can’t wait to show everyone what I have been working on! I am also very proud of going platinum on “Old Thing Back” in Norway. People have been so supportive of me and my music.

Blueprint: Would you rather be a ninja or a Jedi?


Blueprint: Favorite rapper…

That’s a tough question…of all time…Notorious B.I.G. Living: Ice Cube, Dre, DMX, Xzibit, and Eminem.

Blueprint: How do you see tropical house evolving over the next few years?

It’s hard to say… it might go so many different ways, and it might not evolve at all. Maybe the evolved sound will get a new name. I feel it’s more important to make music which makes you feel good than to put a specific name on it. I know I will evolve, and hopefully my fans will love and support the music I have in store for them!

Blueprint: Strawberry Daiquiri or Pina colada?

Strawberry Daiquiri…it just looks so nice!!!

Blueprint: If you had to give yourself a catchphrase what would it be?

Spread the love!

Blueprint: Would you rather be able to fly or teleport?

Teleport! More time to chill in one place!

Blueprint: Currently who is your biggest influence in the world of dance music?

There are so many artists that I listen to, and get inspired by. Come check out my set at #BP18YR and I will definitely play some of the artists that inspire me!

Blueprint: Would you rather use eye drops made of vinegar or toilet paper made from sandpaper?

Toilet paper made from sandpaper.

Blueprint: Ok, we are getting deep now…would you rather live one life that lasts 1,000 years or live 10 lives that last 100 years each?

10 lives that last 100 years, that way I would not have to be “stuck” in one life.

Blueprint: What’s next for Matoma?

Just keep living the dream! I plan on continuing to touring, and hope to visit different parts of the world really soon. Also I want to keep pushing myself when it comes to music; I wanna keep evolving my sound with all of the new experiences I have had over the last year.

Blueprint: This Saturday, you are set to play Blueprint’s #BP18YR celebration: what can fans and newcomers alike expect from your set?

I will play an energetic set for you guys… I will play some of my hottest remixes, which is guaranteed to get the audience dancing and singing along. I’ll also play some new music, and you guys will be some of the first in the world to hear it! You should definitely show up early and catch my set!

You heard him! For loads of unreleased material, sultry vibes, and a laid back spirit make sure to catch Matoma at this year’s celebration, along with Victoria for #YoursTrulyXX on Thursday night at Distrikt Nightclub & this Friday for Arrival in Calgary. #BP18YR is set to take over the Pacific Coliseum THIS Saturday October 10th. Don’t sleep on this one, grab your tickets today as tickets are now 85% sold out.

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