Get Litt Turns 3!

If you’ve ever been to Fortune Sound Club then you’ve probably met (or had a shot with) Steven Gamboa. Steven is the co-founder of “Get Litt”, the promotions company that gets you into Happy Ending Fridays, Sup Fu? Saturdays and now their own night, Midnight Mondays. We talked to Steven about how he got started, his keys to success and what it was like meeting Drake?! 

What is Get Litt?

Get Litt is our promotions company that operates on Midnight Mondays, Happy Ending Fridays and Sup Fu? Saturdays at Fortune Sound Club. Covering all your weekend, weekday, and fried chicken needs; while providing the best nightlife experience in Vancouver. We started as a group of 3 friends and now we’ve grown to a family of 15.

How did it start?

The conception came around when I was building a moderately sized guest list that landed all on one night, I wanted to make most of the situation so I asked Nico (from Hyphy) if we could actually use the Livestock room at Fortune to throw a party. One my best friends Keanu (DJ Keke) had no experience djing at that point so I told him he needed to learn that week because this party could take us to next level in the industry. He did it, the party went off and the rest is history.

What has been the most memorable experience?

Launching Midnight Mondays. I recall a time where I had lunch with Gman (owner of Fortune) back when I was 19 and he told me one day I would fill up a Thursday night with hundreds of people. I didn’t believe I could ever rise to the occasion but now Midnight Mondays is the hottest new weekly in Vancouver and we hand out free Church’s chicken and good times 🙂

What was it like to be in the same room (Fortune) as Drake and what did you say to him?

I’ve been a Drake fan since ‘Take Care’ and always dreamed to see him in an intimate setting. It was unreal finally seeing him perform just inches away from me  – money could not buy that view. After he performed I said he was lit fam! and he nodded yes.

What are your 3 favourite songs to Get Litt to?

P-Lo – Nirvana
Drake ft Bad Bunny – MIA
Manila Grey – Timezones

What can people expect at the 3 year?

A blast! We’re celebrating THREE years of getting lit and celebrating in proper fashion with special guest from the Bay Area rapper P-Lo and it lands on the same night as the Travis Scott concert, so it’s lit!

Do you have any advice for the younger generation who want to get into promoting?

Get the word out there that you are a promoter – if no one knows, you can’t be the plug! Break out of your circle of friends and talk to new people. At the start of my career I’d always take time to talk to people in line and inside the club, most of which still go ti the club week after week – making connections now will lead to more in the future.

Can you tell us the key to success?

Passion, having a dream in mind and having fun in whatever you’re doing. I never thought loving a space would lead towards the career I have today and it shows everytime I step in the club. I’m here to have as much fun as every other person in the room!

Get Litt turns 3 with P-Lo this Friday January 25th at Fortune Sound Club. Tickets available below or hit up Steven 😉 And if you’re interested in becoming a promoter, please contact us HERE.

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