There are a few things that you just have to do in the city at least once come summer time; go for a chill bike ride around the seawall, hit up a music festival or two, and check out the Richmond Night Market. With different night markets popping up all over the city, the Richmond locations continue to hold it down as the most popular spots to pick up a grip of bootleg socks from Korea, a new phone case and some delicious street food all at the same time.


With so many different types of food available at the Richmond Night Market every year, it can be a little overwhelming when trying to make decisions. No worries, we got your back with a breakdown of some of the tastiest snacks that you gotta try the next time you’re at the market.


Dim Sum

Essentially little dumplings that have been steamed and/or pan fried, you can choose to order a big plate with everything on it or make little selections depending on how hungry you are. Popular choices include the steamed “har gow” shrimp filled dumplings, the steamed “siu mai” dumplings filled with pork and shrimp, and the “char siu bao” which are steamed buns filled with Chinese style BBQ pork.

Cost: $9.50 (for the large plate selection)

Adventurousness: 2/5



Literally translated as “octopus ball,” the Japanese street food staple can seem a little intimidating. Takoyaki is best described as a savory ball, with a similar consistency to pancakes, containing a small piece of cooked octopus in the middle covered with Japanese mayo, Bulldog brand sauce, dried seaweed flakes and bonito shavings. If you’re not a fan of octopus, most stands offer different takoyaki fillings including scallop and shrimp.

Cost: $5.50

Adventurousness: 3/5


Rotato Potato

Also known as the hurricane potato or the tornado potato, it’s really like eating the freshest french fry you could imagine… on a stick. You can also get them customized with any flavour you like from ketchup to cheddar cheese and salt and vinegar.

Cost: $6

Adventurousness: 1/5


BBQ Squid Legs

Brushed with a sweet chili and soy sauce, these BBQ squid legs can look a little intimidating at first. Just remember, you’re essentially eating freshly BBQd calamari and you’re good to go!

Cost: $7

Adventurousness: 5/5


BBQ Kebabs

There will be a lot of choices available for BBQ kebabs at the night market. The best advice I can give is to go somewhere that’s reasonable busy so you can be sure to get a freshly grilled skewer. Here we tried some delish Malaysian style Halal beef and lamb kebabs by Chef James.

Cost: $7.75

Adventurousness: 2/5


Mango Yummy

You seriously can’t go wrong here. Fresh mango and strawberries layered on a bed of shaved ice, topped with a scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of condensed milk. Damn.

Cost: $6.75

Adventurousness: 1/5

-Vanessa Tam

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