Spotlight on Lifetime Collective

Years ago, Lifetime Collective made my favourite T-shirt ever. I didn’t know a lot about the brand back then, but their collaborative project with Jeff Hamada featured a handful of graphic shirts, including one with a photograph of a kid holding a string of balloons. At the time, this simple photo on a shirt was not only an exemplification of streetwear to me, but it was one of the first pieces that made me reflect heavily on creative expression, street culture, photography and much more. While the idea may seem commonplace now, placing a photo on a T-shirt was a rebellious notion to me, like somehow the rules were being broken. It triggered some train of thought on a subconscious level, and looking back, I think I loved that shirt because it was so abstract. I wore it until it faded from white to yellow-ish, and after I even started my own brand, where our first drop included a T-shirt with a photo on it.

Of course, as soon as I had the chance to meet co-founders Reid and Trevor, I gushed about how much I liked this T-shirt with the kid holding balloons. Now I’m just hoping they link with Jeff Hamada for another collaboration. As a brand, Lifetime has been making moves with the opening of their flagship space on Main Street. Make sure to drop by and check out their selection of men’s and women’s goods, and read below for some insight from Reid and Trevor themselves.

What about Vancouver/the West Coast is central to Lifetime’s brand identity?

Trevor: I think just the fact that we live in such a beautiful city but have such easy access to getting out and wondering the vast wilderness outside out back door. Getting away from the computer as much as possible always spurs new ideas and fuels creativity, in my mind anyways.

Reid: I’d probably say the creative community. This part of the world has some amazingly talented and creative people. We are fortunate enough to be working with some of them and find that pretty central to our identity. These people have a wide range of talents and range from visual artists, graphic designers, musicians and photographers.

Explain how opening a recent retail space was a game changer for the brand.

Trevor: It really helps you connect with your customers on a moments notice, test out new ideas and best of all have a space you can constantly curate on a regular basses. We feel this space helps tell our brands store to the public and our retailers in a vision far beyond that of print media or any web page.

Reid: It really enabled us to tell our story and showcase the brand in a way we wanted it to be seen. It also enables us to put on events and reach out and support the community we are involved with. Whether is a band playing or an art show. It has also been an amazing way for us to meet the people walking through the doors and talk to them directly. We can really find out what it is they like about the band and have a conversation.

Talk about the dynamic of working in partnership with one another to run the brand.

Trevor: I’m going to let Reido run with that one.

Reid: We are really quite opposite in personality but we both share this idea of proving a product that has a story to it. We both feel creativity is a very important aspect to this company and I think we do a great job of that. We also both believe in showcasing the talents of our friends in the Collective and collaborate with them in both the clothing side of the brand but also events and working with them that way.

Why do you commonly turn to the pool of local Vancouver creatives to collaborate with? Including Rick McCrank, Jeff Hamada and Lindsey Hampton

Trevor: Its always easy to work with people in your own community. Rick Literally lives down the street lol.  But for real there are just way to many talented people living in Vancouver and the people we work with are just to name a few. Nothing is more rewarding than working with your friends.

Reid: Because it’s the core of our company really. We strive to work with the creative community and the people you have mentioned are apart of that community. We always look to collaborate as it’s something that we’ve always loved doing. It’s also really easy to turn to our backyard because as I said earlier there is an amazing community of wildly talented creative people here.

Name your favourite outdoor chill spot for the summer

Trevor: Some days my own back deck. Others I would have to say Secret Beach.

Reid: There are a few but we always like going to the beach and taking hikes up on the North Shore.

What is your go-to Karaoke track?

Trevor:  I have 2, because you always need a backup track!

1. “Rich Girl” by Hall & Oats

2. “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield

Reid: “Gimme All Your Lovin’” by ZZ Top


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