If you’re an F as in Frank fan & consider yourself a fashionable Vancity babe, then you probably know about their female-sister imprint, Frankie Collective. Our close friend here at This is Blueprint Sara Gourlay has a knack for curating and styling vintage fashion & best known for her past projects such as FATE Vintage. Sara has taken on the role of Creative Director at for Frankie, and we caught up with our girl to learn a little bit more about the identity of the brand & what influences her the most. And as a little something extra, our very own Expendable Youth created a ghetto-house mix w/ J. Goosey specifically for our feature to blast while you ladies get dressed in some Frankie re-worked threads. Read on!

How has the response been to Frankie & what current opportunities are you in the midst of?

It has been great. We have been receiving love from all over the world and have shipped things to places like Denmark, Germany and New Zealand. We’ve been connected with like-minded people through this project.  There will be a big focus on our blog, so the Frankie team is expanding to include contributors from all over.   We are also in the midst of collabs. For example we have sent some vintage Versace off to Iggy Azalea for her new music video.  We also just launched a mix-tape music series today with Blueprint’s own, Expendable Youth.

F as in Frank has been around since 07 as the go-to for reworked clothing, what was the process to roll out a girls-only focused sub-brand?

Both our brick and mortar stores focus on both men’s and women’s clothing. Up until now our online presence has been geared towards men. So it’s been our dream to offer our girl fan base all the vintage and re-worked clothing from our stores as well as get those babes in the U.S, the U.K and down-under into our clothes. Drew and Jesse, the founders of F as in Frank have also been saving special vintage pieces over the years. The rag kings sat on these pieces until it became a vast collection, so it was time to open up their women’s vintage archive to the world.  You’ll see a lot of vintage designer pieces as well as deadstock, which is unworn new vintage pieces.  I was the last piece of the puzzle to help curate and deliver the collections. It’s been so much fun.

What are the challenges of finding original vintage pieces that are trend relevant with women’s fashion? 

Almost all new trends draw inspiration from the past.  For example, we’ve seen a resurgance of 90’s fashion trends in current clothing designs.  So in that sense, our one of a kind or limited vintage pieces gives authenticity to your style because they are they original and source of the current trends that are now over produced in fast-fashion. The challenge of finding original vintage pieces is all about being creative and pushing the boundaries of what is accepted and helping our customer to find their own unique style.

Where do you look to for inspiration?

All over. I look to the past for inspiration as well as through the places I go and the people I meet.  My friends keep me inspired, they are all so talented. Particularly, my friend Evan Mason has taught me to find inspiration in every day ordinary things. He finds the beauty in anything; angles in how shadows are cast, the textures of walls. Inspiration can come in any form you just have to get in tune with it.

You’ve got to rock only one pair of shoes for the next 6 months, what do you choose?

I live in my Nike Roshes.  You can easily dress them up or down and are so comfortable!

Top 3 artists that best represent what Frankie Collective is all about – go.

Sza, FKA Twigs and Kelela. These artists are making waves. Our society’s conception of beauty has become wide spread; it has become boring. These three artists rock their “flaws” with confidence and stick out from the mold.  They push boundaries and redefine beauty and therefore are trend setters. And thats what Frankie is all about.

– Karli Fahlman

This is a mix of some of our fave ghetto house tunes with some newer cuts & some of familiar rap beats thrown in for good measure. Ghetto House pretty much wrote the rulebook on ratchet in the 90s, and has been heavily influential on not only my DJing, but Expendable Youth’s production style as well. With the recent resurgence of Dance Mania and other 90’s Ghetto House labels, Jess & I thought it fitting to throw together this booty poppin’, panty droppin’ mix for the summer. ENJOY! – Matt ExYouth

F-R-A-N-K-I-E Intro x Starski & Clutch – Drive Through Jit
B-Ju – Ass Club (Mark Starr Remix)
Young Dro – Fucc Dat Bitch (Instrumental)
DJ Nasty – No Panties
Amine Edge & Dance – Ima Read That Bitch
Volac – Drug Dealer (Rafael Carvalho Remix)
DJ Assault – Ass-N-Titties
Young Thug – Danny Glover (Instrumental) x DJ Deeon – Gimme Head (Acapella)
Claude VonStroke – Lay It Down Re-Smoked ft. DJ Nehpets (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
Stacy Kidd – Pump That Shit
DJ Deeon – The 604
Heartbeat(s) – Spring Break Cancouver
DJ Phats – Bomb Ass Pussy
DJ Phats – Tha Motes ft. DJ Skip
Aden – Whip (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
Paul Johnson – Drill Me Boy
DJ Assault – Sex On The Beach

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