Every now and then, a shift happens in the architectural and cultural landscape of a city – we’re currently seeing this shift take place in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown, where the new location of Livestock’s sneaker boutique bridges classic architecture with modern design.

We spoke with Livestock owner Gary Bone to find out a little about the new Livestock location – a piece of the city’s past and a leader of its fashion future, now located within the Fortune Sound Club infrastructure. Sharing the space with the popular venue, as well as a multipurpose gallery and rumored restaurant, the new Livestock boutique features modern, modular presentation by acclaimed industrial designer Lukas Peet – tables, racks and magnetic shelving gives the space mobility to suit the changing needs of displaying product.

As fashion, food, music and visual art merge into a variety of permutations, Gary Bone explains the new set-up, its place in Vancouver culture, and why he’s a born innovator. 

What elements of Lukas Peet’s incredible design are you most excited about in the new Chinatown Livestock location?

Gary Bone: One of the coolest things about Livestock is that our regular customer might pop by the shop every two weeks or so, that means they see it 26 times a year. The Challenge is how do we keep that interesting. So to answer your question, the modular aspect of the racking system is what I’m the most excited about.

Will the various businesses in this space be integrated with one another or will they run with some degree of autonomy?

Gary Bone: The beauty of the building is all the business will complement each other without competing. I believe when you stand back and look at it all it tells an amazing story about our lifestyle.

What change do you anticipate in the Livestock clientele with this move? 

Gary Bone: Gastown was our original space, it was designed to be 100% footwear and over time it evolved into apparel and accessories but they were never the focus, with this new space we can really support more then just footwear so what I foresee is that we will have a much broader appeal.  The contemporary sportswear style that is taking over right now is very Livestock. We are very active and subtly tech.  I think the stars are really aligning for us to take things up a notch.

You seem to be quite a visionary – where do you see this trajectory you’ve started going within the next few years?

Gary Bone: Visionary? Fuck. I wear glasses.

Where does Livestock fit into Vancouver’s culture? 

Gary Bone: The thing about us is we do our thing and hope that people like it, we’re not really trying to fit in anywhere, we’re making our own culture and the idea is that people will see it like it and come support it.

The location in Chinatown reflects an important part of the city’s history – do you feel like you’re making new history?

Gary Bone: If you take a look at our building and our space we have kept a very Chinatown feel but brought it up to date. Our hope it that we can be a part of a revitalization of the area but not ruin its culture and aesthetic.

Livestock is really known as a tastemaker, bringing in brands that few other places carry. Are there any exciting new additions that will coincide with the launch?

Gary Bone: The biggest thing we could ever bring is our own line and that is exactly what we plan on doing.  It’s called {ie (illustrated example).  It takes on the name of another store we did 5-6 year ago in Gastown.

It’s very clean and has elements of our lifestyle, clean with a hint of sport and active lifestyle.

What’s the store’s release timeline like?

Gary Bone: The store is soft opened now and we will keep you up to date on the grand opening later this year. The Clothing line will come out mid/late September.

In your opinion, what does it take to stay fresh in a culture that moves so rapidly from fad to fad?

Gary Bone: Lead don’t follow, makes sense right?

Why are you motivated to do what you do?

Gary Bone: I love to win, and even more so I hate to lose. It’s easy to keep going when you have a burning desire to win and a real distaste for losing.

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