Entering the ‘Treehouse’ with Sofi Tukker

Entering the ‘Treehouse’ with Sofi Tukker

Genre defying duo, Sofi Tukker, has already set a new bar when it comes to the world of EDM, and they’ve only just released their debut album, Treehouse. You may know them best for their song ‘Best Friend’, which was placed in worldwide commercials for Apple’s iPhone X, as well as, the soundtrack for FIFA 18.

It’s safe to say, that it’s their eclectic music styling that captures most from the get-go. With their continued Brazilian inspired flair, Clever lyrics, and “get up and dance” vibe, their new album doesn’t disappoint in supporting that fact. We caught up with them to talk all things Treehouse.

First off, how does it feel to officially have your debut album released everywhere? With all the success that has lead up to Treehouse, did you both feel there was a higher bar set for the rest of the album? If so, any goals set to achieve with this album?

It feels great! We are excited to share more and more of ourselves! Our only goal is to make music that we love. We definitely don’t feel pressure, just excitement!

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What was the decision making behind making Treehouse the title of this album? How would you say it represents the overall album?

Treehouse is about the childhood spirit of play. We want our music to be like that magical, welcoming place from childhood, where you go to escape with your friends and make your own rules together. Treehouse is about grown children who lift each other up, inspire each other, encourage each other, and play together.
Everything is fair game and all aspects of ourselves are accepted. Everyone shines, everyone is invited, and you are free to be any way and anyone you want to be.

What track was the most challenging to create and why?

The most challenging to create was definitely ‘My Body Hurts’. When we wrote it, Sophie’s body was literally hurting and Tucker was intent on staying in the studio and finishing a song–so the truth came out! The result was a really aggressive and abrasive song and it took us a while to figure out how to simplify it and make it more palatable and listenable. We used to get tired just listening to it but then we changed it. Now we absolutely love it and it’s one of our favorites to perform live.

Batshit was the most recent track shared off the debut album, along with a music video. What was the inspiration behind the music video?

Tucker came up with the idea while he was in the shower, then we fleshed it out and brainstormed with our friend and director Mac Boucher on how to make it work. We wanted to do something really simple, but really crazy visually. It ended up perfect and we are so happy we got to introduce LP Giobbi to the world in it to. The inspiration is just Tucker’s sense of humor and we had so much fun making it.


The album is filled with various genre-defying elements and international flair, how do you guys plan on translating that to the live shows for the upcoming tour? Any hints as to what we can expect?

We have a literal neon jungle diorama stage. We like to escape to that world with our music and in our live shows we bring everyone else in. Our shows get really wild and sweaty and we LOVE what we do!

When comparing the process of making the album to performing live, which would you both say is your favourite part? Why?

We really love them both. And it’s an iterative process. We write while we are on the road, we try songs out in the live performance, see how they go, then return back to the studio to perfect them!

Given all of your success right from the beginning of your career’s, what has been the most surreal moment of it all, so far?

Every night is pretty surreal. We don’t take this for granted. We are constantly looking at each other like — “WTF?!” We get to wake up and do this again?! Sharing these incredible vibes with communities all over the world is probably the most surreal!

To experience the Treehouse World Tour in full effect, make sure to check out Sofi Tukker at the Commodore Ballroom, on Tuesday, May 22nd.

By: Shania Coombs

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