With Vancouver’s newfound obsession with juicing, I set out to find out a bit more about one of the Lower Mainland’s newest dispensaries: Nectar Juicery. I had the pleasure of interviewing owner and all-round amazing lady, Tori Holmes.

Who are the people behind Nectar Juicery?

Lara Kozan, co-founder of Yyoga, mother of 2 and maven of Love, and myself, Tori Holmes. I’m an author Atlantic rower, Holistic Nutritionist and adventure seeker.

How did Nectar Juicery come to be? 

Nectar has been many years in the making. In my early twenties I rowed across the Atlantic from Spain to the Caribbean in a 24ft rowboat. 86 days after beginning my journey I hit land with a shrunken, broken, depleted body. Although I survived an ocean, this journey was followed by years of recouping and balancing my body. As a part of this, I ended up studying holistic nutrition and found my passion for health, healing and vitality empowered by healing foods.

I fell in love with juice specifically because I recognized “drinking” is a social habit. Everybody loves to drink, whether it be coffee, alcohol or… well, juice. Why do we love drinking? Because of the almost immediate effects that quickly-absorbing liquids have on our bodies, whether it be a sugar, caffeine of vitamin high. People love those quick result, and I realized: Juice was the gateway to healthy living.

And where does your partner come into the story? 

At the same time as I was going through my healing journey Lara Kozan, my partner at Nectar Juicery, was also on a path and pursuit to find wellness after the birth of her second child. Lara co-founded Yyoga and was the picture of health until she almost lost her life giving birth. As yoga was not an option at the time, Lara rediscovered her health by nourishing herself through healthy eating and juice. Juice became “yoga in a bottle” during this time and she encourages those who cannot make it to a class to grab a juice and take a conscious moment to nourish and check in with themselves. Lara & I met at an event I was speaking at and the rest is history – Nectar was born!

Very cool. In that vein, let me ask: Are your juices organic?

Yes, without compromise. Think of juicing like injecting oneself with live vitamins, enzymes and minerals. If the juice is non-organic, both the good and the “bad” (pesticides, hormones and chemicals used on non organic produce) will absorb into the body. ALWAYS juice organic or not at all!

What’s been your greatest challenge so far?

Project management. There are many moving parts in bringing just one bottle of juice to life.

How have Vancouverites responded to your products?

Vancouver is drinking us up! So far we have had incredible feedback and support. Juice on Tap is really taking off for us and we think Vancouver is excited about bringing a little more vitality and wellness to the office each day.

Which flavours are your most popular?

It seems to rotate based on the weather or day. However, most people always go for green first. We are all busy and understand the value and concept of drinking your greens.

Your personal favourite juice?

Hydration, which featurescelery, cilantro, lime, ginger and nettle. This juice is Nature’s natural electrolyte – two times more hydrating than coconut water. This juice primes the cells for optimal absorption, is full of essential vitamins and minerals. This is all about getting your glow on and boosting immunity so I drink this everyday religiously.

Sounds phenomenal! Where do you look for inspiration?

In my dreams. When every I am brewing vision, problem solving or creating I consciously lucid dream. This is a daily practice, 15 minutes each day.

Any advice you’d wished you’d received prior to starting your own business?

I do not have advice I wish I received, I have advice I wish I listened to. “Launching a company will take twice as long as you expect and twice as much money”. So true.

Find Nectar Juicery online here. Nectar is currently being sold at most Yyoga locations and on-tap at Hootsuite.

– Alexandra Sehmer

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