Latte Lover’s Guide to Van

Latte Lover’s Guide to Van

Coffee purists may protest at the contamination of quality coffee with frothy milk, but rising popularity of the latte is taking off for a reason – it’s good. Whether you’re into the plain and interesting or a cup topped up with sugary syrups, a barista somewhere in Vancouver has the latte you’ve been waiting for;


The Buzz, 901 Homer Street


More than just sweet latte art – this place mixes latte and art. The Buzz serves up a mean selection of coffee, including seasonal specials, in its unassuming corner location. The atmosphere here is refreshingly unpretentious, despite the fact that it’s a cafe-come-art gallery.


Dose, Granville and Broadway


As soon as you’re hit by thick smell of roasted coffee beans, you know you’re in for a good cup of joe. The staff know their stuff and will happily craft a latte to your taste – and remember exactly how you like it. Best latte on Broadway.


Revolver, 325 Cambie Street


You won’t find that ‘all froth, no coffee’ problem here. Revolver serves up probably the strongest latte you’re going to find in Downtown, with the fullest flavour. You won’t find any gimicky flavours here – just straight espresso and with this delicious blends, rightly so.


Little Mountain Coffee, 4895 Main Street


Two words; Spanish latte. Made with velvety, bubbly condensed milk and a strong espresso shot, one sip of this baby and you’ll never look back. However, if your usual is a skinny, you might want to give this one a miss.


Cafe Medina, 556 Beatty Street


This place is on the fancier side, granted, but the lavender latte is like drinking the cream of heaven. Or your granny’s soap, depending on what you’re into. The standard latte is also a very special experience.


– Lauren Merryweather

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