Main Street Vinyl Record Fair

Main Street Vinyl Record Fair

The Main Street Vinyl Record Fair is an institution of Vancouver’s local music scene. This Sunday, November 15th, the record fair returns to Heritage Hall for it’s 12th year boasting over 45 independent dealers and over 50,000 vinyl records for sale from every genre and era! With your $4 door charge you’ll get direct access to incredible deals on vinyl records, turntables, vintage audio gear, record storage and other accessories all day from 11am to 5pm.

Below we interviewed the organizer of the Main Street Vinyl Record Fair about everything from his personal vinyl collection to Vancouver’s own vinyl donation program;

Main Street Vinyl Record Fair

Please introduce yourself

My name is Robert Privett and I’m the organizer of the Main Street Vinyl Record Fair.

What do you like about records over any other audio format?

The appeal of vinyl records is simple – it’s music. But records also have this tangible quality. There’s something romantic about vinyl records. Digital formats lack intimacy. With digital, the sound, the search, the discovery, the whole experience is watered-down. I mean, no one wants to be listening to an iPod at the end of the world.

Tell us about your personal vinyl collection

I personally have a couple thousand records but none of them are all that rare. I collect albums I love – must-have LPs where every song is excellent – Pixies’ Doolittle for example. I just turned 33 yrs old so most of my favourites are in healthy supply.

I do, however, curate a collection of over 20,000 records for Vancouver’s Vinyl Record Donation Program. There are quite a few rare records in that collection.

Main Street Vinyl Record Fair

Main Street Vinyl Record Fair

Tell us more about Vancouver’s Vinyl Donation Program

The Vinyl Donation program gathers vinyl donations from the community throughout the year and sells them at the Main Street Vinyl Record Fair by donation. The program allows anybody with any budget to come to the fair, find great albums at a great price and get a good start on building their record collection without shelling out too much cash.

Money raised from the program goes to support three youth-oriented non-profits in Vancouver – Girls Rock Camp, The Safe Amplification Society and CiTR 101.9 FM at UBC. In two years, we have raised nearly $7000 for our non-profits.

We expect the donation program and the Main Street Vinyl Record Fair to provide Vancouver youth with the resources and the opportunity to explore the world of music for years to come.

In your opinion, why is it important for Vancouverites to support their local vinyl community?

Without a physical presence, music will be reduced to a few cubicles at some San Francisco tech company with the occasional hologram of a dead celebrity. Music needs community as much as community needs music.

Take the Main Street Vinyl Record Fair for example, it’s much more than a big music sale. On top of the hundreds of music fans in attendance, close to 50 local organizations participate. Record stores, music labels, bands, promoters, restaurants, shops, charities, radio stations, etc, all participate in the vinyl fair weekend.

Main Street Vinyl Record Fair

What’s next for you?

Next year, in November 2016, we’ll be moving to a two-day event at Heritage Hall with totally different vendors each day. With 100 independent vendors in attendance, the Main Street Record Fair in November 2016 will be among the largest and most diverse record fairs in the country.

Check out the Main Street Vinyl Record Fair this weekend on Sunday, November 15th from 11am – 5pm at Heritage Hall (3102 Main Street in Vancouver, BC).

All photos by: Kirsten Aubrey

-Vanessa Tam

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