A Taste of KANDY

KANDY has been making waves in the EDM world with his ear catching music. His ability to inhabit his original music, as well as, remixes with a sense of purpose, whilst still creating that “get up on your feet, throw your hands up, and dance” vibe, is undoubtedly his magic key for a lifetime of success. To top it all off, KANDY is an phenomenal trailblazer for always being true to yourself in the midst of the world’s social norms. He has begun a new path in the EDM community by recently coming out to the world. With an uproar of support, he is undeniably inspiring others evermore than before. We recently caught up with KANDY to discuss success, challenges in the industry, and PRIDE!

First off, how did the name “KANDY” come about?

When I first started raving I was a huge kandi kid. I wore kandi bracelets anywhere I could fit them, because I loved what they represented. I got my first laptop & started producing music so I went with the moniker ‘KANDY’ & it stuck ever since.


You’ve created an amazing platform for yourself in the electronic community, with an ever-growing following. What would you say has been the biggest achievement you are the most proud of?

I think my biggest achievement has been the amount of people that I have inspired by coming out publicly & showing people who are mentally where I once was that it’s okay to be yourself unapologetically & that things do get better.

What are a few things you hope people take away from your shows, songs, and/or use of your platform?

When I first started raving back in 2011 I was looking for a place where I could feel loved & accepted for who I was. I was looking for an escape from social norms & that is what I want and I hope people take away from what I do. I want people to know its okay to be different despite what society tells you.

What has been the most rewarding and the most challenging aspect for you in the industry so far?

The most challenging aspect in the industry so far has been the constant battle with myself. I’m always pushing myself to do something bigger & bolder than the last. The most rewarding has been the amount of love & support I’ve received since coming out as a gay music producer/DJ.

We are all so excited for Vancouver pride and all that comes along with it! What would you say is your favourite part about performing at pride events? What do they mean to you?

I think the best part about performing at pride events is getting to see everyone living their best lives & knowing I now get to share that same experience. It is the most judgement free zone you can be in & I think LGBTQ+ or not, everyone should go!


You’ve recently been making waves with your music video for “Feelin’ KNT”, what was the inspiration behind the video?

I wanted to showcase all the things in the LGBTQ+ community that have inspired me over the years of living a double life in NYC. Drag queens, the ballroom community, living unapologetically, & just doing what you love despite what others think.

When it comes to the production side vs the performance side, which do you prefer? Which is the easiest/hardest for you?

I definitely prefer the production side. I’m a creative at heart & there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I haven’t thought about music production. With that comes the performance side, which I’ve learned to love over the years. At first it was scary to be in front of so many people, but there is no better feeling than hearing the crowd’s reaction to something I made from scratch.

Are you working on anything coming up soon? If so, any hints on what to expect in the future?

Expect a lot of new music, a lot of collaborations, & a lot of upcoming events!

To get a further taste of everything KANDY, make sure to catch his performance at Celebrities for Pride, on Saturday, August 4th

By: Shania Coombs

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